10 Hot “Caught-Smoking” Celebrities

Celebrities surely are famous person that well-known because of their fame and reputation of what they do in the world. Mostly, they have a great role in the world of entertainment. Every thing that celebs do will also occur a great reaction to people.

Now in this session, here are 10 Hot “Caught-Smoking” Celebrities pictures that is taken by either paparazzi or common people. What’s your thought about them? Let’s see the pictures.

Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid is a young model in America. She many times appeared in magazine such as Allure, Porter, Vogue, etc. This model is often caught smoking in public. This one, she is caught smoking next to a car while wearing eyeglasses. It seems she was waiting for someone. Who was she waiting for?

Selena Gomez

Who doesn't know this celeb? 

She is Selena Gomez and she is an actress and singer. Her career is started from singing for Disney project and later then, she tried to go into the world of film by being an actress. 

In her freetime, Selena gomez always get caught smoking in public just like this photograph. She seemed expecting someone. Who is it?

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber . .Have you heard that name?Yes, he is a Canadian singer which is known most by his song "Baby". This singer that is married in 2018 with Hailey Rhode, often caught smoking in public. He was also smoking at American Music Awards 2015 before walking on the red carpet.

Dakota Johnson

Have you ever watched "Fifty Shades" series? if you have, you must know this person. Yep, she is Dakota Johnson. She is an actress and model from America. 

She is often caught smoking by people in public. Instead of angry because of getting photographed, Dakota Johnson is happy and even ask to send the copy. After that, she made the picture as Snapchat story. Interesting person.



Rihanna is caught smoking on her vacation in Hawaii. It seems Rihanna wants to relax from his daily activities and concert. She is a singer from Barbados which is popular in USA. Her career is on the top after she released her song "Umbrella".

Robert Pattinson

You must have seen this handsome man from "Twilight". his name is Robert Pattinson. He is a famous actor from England and he also has achieved MTV movie awards as the best actor.

To get a better rest from daily activity, Robert Pattinson is always smoking. Some sources said he is a chain-smoker. Well, he deserved a good relaxation, doesn't he?

Joaquin Phoenix

After the release of Joker in Cinema, Joaquin Phoenix name becomes phenomenal. His great dedication to play as Joker is indeed a great achievement. Joaquin Phoenix's "Joker" is assumed to be the best joker in all DC films because it is considered as the most logical yet dramatic Joker. 

As much as Joker's love to cigarette, Joaquin loves cigarette too. He is often caught by public smoking in a front of bar like this picture.

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell has a great analysis of observing talent. It is because he is a talent manager. He is known in America's got talent as the judge that hard to be satisfied. Only a few performances that can satisfy this Judge. Beside of his work of being a talent manager, he spends a few of his time to smoke. Like in this picture that is taken when Simon took a break from America's got talent tv show.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry is a famous American singer that is often caught smoking in time-break. She is considered as chain-smoker because some sources said that she could take 1-2 pack of cigarettes in a day. 

From the picture, it seems she is taking cigarette-break in a crowd on her tv show or maybe performance. Well, a butt should put her nervous away.

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart looks different now if you compare the way she looks from "Twilight" and from this picture. In "Twilight",

Kristen Stewart seems more feminine than this picture. Eventhough she is changed, she is far more hot right now because she is often caught smoking in public while taking a walk or having a coffee break.

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