10 Most Exquisite Cigarette Packages

Here are the 10 most exquisite cigarette packages that existed in the world. This collection of cigarette brands came from all around the globe with a unique and artsy kind of packaging.

Many people will find it strange if somebody smokes these brands since it’s not common to be seen! Please enjoy the gallery.

Belomorkanal – Russia

This is a great cigarette package for those who are constantly forgetting their geography lessons. Now smoking may be unhealthy but at least with this packaging, it can be educational.

Like most cigarette packages you will get 20 cigarettes out of this package which will give you plenty of time to study the map. These cigarettes are made in the city of Shilovo.

Black Death – Netherlands

Now, this is a cigarette package that really does not mince words. Not only is it named after one of the worst plagues the world has ever known but it has the image of a skull right on the front. The solid black package has two defining features, the warning and the black package with the image of a skull. So you can never say that this tobacco company is anything but honest.

Fortuna – Spain

This cigarette package rules because it has a design that goes changes from the front and back. What I can’t understand is if these cigarettes are supposed to get someone lucky or if they are going to make you toss and turn in your sleep. One thing for sure is that this package is definitely going to catch someone’s eye when it sits on the shelf next to all those boring packages. So whether you think these cigarettes are going to bring you the good fortune to get lucky or have a rough night of sleep, you’ll definitely remember them. 

Memphis – Austria

I don’t know about you but if those sunglasses are supposed to look cool then Austria must be a really weird place. Having a truly creepy guy starting at me does not make me want to buy these cigarettes, in fact just the opposite. If I leave these in my house too long I might just feel compelled to change my number and my locks. Or maybe its a portrayal of an aviator, nobody knew. 

Hon – Uzebkistan

Here are some cigarettes which are enough to confuse anyone. Are these cigarettes supposed to turn a fisherman into an opera singer or does this mean they are suitable for any sort of man? For those really interested they also have a female version in which a sexy woman becomes an air traffic controller. So these cigarettes are great for those who want to become successful or just look really classy and attractive. Sounds like a win-win to me.

Sex – Germany

This cigarette package takes the phrase one-eyed snake all the way and combines a suggestive name with a long green snake. I think that if they were going to name their cigarettes Sex they would have come up with a much more suggestive packaging, but perhaps the Germans have a whole different meaning to the snake and the word Sex.

Lyubimiye – Russia

Another Russian cigarette! The image on this pack of cigarettes may look a little familiar. Nothing like a love story to encourage someone to buy a certain pack of cigarettes.

This movie poster brand of cigarettes is definitely pretty and will stand out against all the other types of cigarettes.

The only bad thing about this is that it really makes me want to watch the movie and not so much to smoke. Perhaps each pack should come with a movie to watch as well?

Gauloises – France

This is perhaps one of the most beautiful cigarette cases I have ever seen, which makes me think these are very popular with the women.

But then again in a country where smoking has often been associated with the culture, it must take a lot to stand out on the cigarette shelves.

While there is no definite design here the colors and the abstract art are definitely unique and stunning.

Carlton – Brazil

I’m not exactly sure what this cigarette package is supposed to look like. I think it's a work of art right there. There are a number of basic packages that have no interesting designs and then the other extreme where they are covered in unique images.

This package seems to be right in between where it has a design that catches the eye but I have no idea what it is a picture of. That does not stop it from being unique enough to make this list.

Blossom & Decay – Ukraine

Well if the Black Death cigarettes were not honest enough for you, try Blossom and Decay.

These cigarettes from the Ukraine may not be defined by the large warning label but the image of a skull with decaying flesh should be enough to turn anyone away from smoking for awhile.

For most people getting a gruesome glimpse of their future is not the calming effect they were looking for.


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