3 Ways to Get Rid of the Smell of Cigarette Smoke in Your Breath

You just smoked a cigarette. At the time you take another one from the pack to continue your smoking, you suddenly remember that you have to meet your partner, who do not like the smell of cigarette.

You have an appointment with a client in minutes, but you are not confident to meet them if your breath is smelly or not fresh because of cigarette you just smoked.

Have you ever been in those kinds of situation?

A friendly reminder, the smell of cigarette stains in your room, in your clothes, and of course in your breath.

But don’t worry! Every problem has its own solution. Keep on reading this article because we’re gonna provide your some tips to get rid of the cigarette smell out of your breath. Here they are!

  1. Practicing Dental Hygiene

The first tip is practicing some dental hygiene and get some Invisalign services to straighten and align your teeth. Practicing dental hygiene, especially when you’re living with braces, can be challenging. However, it’s actually the standard practices such as brushing your teeth, using mouthwash, and cleaning your tongue.

As mentioned clearly in pediatric dentistry, brushing your teeth after smoking will help you reduce the smell of smoke in your breath.

Using mouthwash can  help to kill the bacteria and make your mouth fresh instantly. It will be perfect if you also clean your tongue after that.

It all depends on the time you have. If you need to remove bad breath from smoking very quickly, you can chew some sugar-less gum.

  • Drinking Water

This method is the simplest to follow in removing your bad breath after smoking. You just need to increase the water intake throughout the day; it will help to reduce mouth odor in general.

As suggested by health experts, taking eight glasses of water is the recommended one. You may need to avoid sugary drinks for some times since it can make your breath worse.

  • Carefully Choosing your Food and Beverages

Foods and beverages can help you to remove or at least reduce the cigarette smell in your breath. Water, yogurt, parsley and some other herbs can help to free you from bad breath.

Water, as stated in the previous point, can make you stay hydrated wherein it will reduce the probability of dry mouth and bad breath as well.

Yogurt, parsley, and some other herbs can replace some unwanted bacteria that lead to the unwanted breath. Cucumber can also help to freshen up your mouth; so it is good to consume, too.

Drinks like coffee, sodas, highly acidic juices, milk and alcohol are better to be avoided for sometimes because those can make your breath smell worse.

For food, you can stay away from garlic and onion in order to stop the bad breath.

Those are 3 pro tips to make you free from bad breath caused by your smoking activity. Happy trying!

Aside from the points mentioned above, do not hesitate to go to the dentist to see your mouth health as smoking can be a big deal from that issue.


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