4th Generation Pipe a Beautiful Pipe from Denmark


4th Generation Pipe is a beautiful handcrafted Briar wood tobacco pipe produced by a Denmark company found by Erik Stokkebye.

The company has produced a tobacco pipe for many years and the products are in category vintage and unique. The design representing a historical years in the Stokkebye family.

Erik is the fourth generation of tobacconist in his family.  The family history started at 1855.

This time we talk about one of the vintage model of 4th Generation pipe, 1897 style.  The pipe crafted in the same shape as the original vintage pipe.

Made from the high quality briar wood, finished a natural smooth finish that give off a classic look.

image: 4th Generation Pipe

The color also contrast between the bowl part and the mouth piece, the bowl parts is light brown nearly original shining wood color nearly orange, while the mouth piece is black. In between is a metal band.

Who is 4th Generation

Erik Stokkebye as mention above is the fourth generation of Stokkebye family.  His Great-grandfather Erik Peter Stokkebye has starting the tobacco factory business at 1882 in Odense, Denmark.

Erik Peter’s grandson, Peter, learning the art of blending tobacco into pipe, roll-your-own (RYO) and cigarette blends while he is working for Universal Leaf and L’Orange.

Peter staring the business by his own on 1970s by creating some RYO and pipe tobacco blends (Amsterdam Shag, Turkish Export, PS-24 Nougat and PS-17 English Luxury).

Erik Michael Stokkebye, the fourth generation in the family, move to the United States of America to oversee his family’s distribution network.

Year 2012, Erik Michael has plans to launch a series of special pipe tobaccos for American market. The series named with a historical year of the family. i.e. 1855 for the year his great grandfather Erik Peter was born, 1897 for the year of the birth of Erik Paul, 1957 for Erik Michael’s own birth, etc. The series release in 2013.

4th Generation Tobacco Banner
image: 4th Generation Pipe

Later on Erik Michael also intended to produce limited series of pipe that would also for an honor to his family.

He made a contact with some friends to looking for a pipe-maker, that one of the friend is Erik Nording, he suggested that to choose Danish pipe-maker Peder Jeppesen, the maker of Neerup pipes, would be perfect for the project.

To confirm the recommendation, Erik meets with Jeppesen at an Alabama tobacco shop.  Both of them also got a support from the top pipe seller in the United State, Skip Elliot.

After about nine month of long discussion, finally in the event of International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailer Association (IPCPR) trade show and convention year 2013, they were showing the first four shapes for 4th Generation pipes. Since then the products has grown to include a total of seven shapes.

The size of the pipe is perfect, chamber wall thick enough and rather short in length. The description of the pipe:

  • Model: 1897
  • Style: Wood shine
  • Shape: Bend Brandy
  • Length: 135.41 mm
  • Height: 46.87 mm
  • Weight: 67 grams
  • Depth of Bowl: 40.85 mm
  • Diameter of inside bowl: 21.22 mm
  • Diameter of outside Bowl: 46.29 mm
  • Filter: None
  • Finish: Smooth Bowl
  • Material: Briar wood
  • Stem Material: Acrylic
  • Band: Metal
  • Package: Box
  • Country of Origin: Denmark


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