Pipe artisans mostly have a background since they are young age or even childhood living surround tobacco or coming from a tobacconist family. Roman “the Doctor” Kovalev is not coming from a tobacconist parents, he is involve in the pipe and tobacco because of he likes it and have a talent. 

Roman born in the Ukraine in 1971, the family moved to Nizhnevartovsk city in Siberia, the place that he grew up until His move to St. Petersburg in 2010. He goes study medical and graduated from the medical university in 1995, and spent 16 years working as child neurologist. At the same time he got fond of pipe smoking, he smoking pipe at least 5-8 bowls a day. For a long time he become a pipe collector especially for Japanese pipes (his first Tokutomi pipe was purchased in 1998). His ling is unique, polyglot, neurologist, race-car builder and main team driver. He is the owner of two distilleries and the founder of the popular ‘COFFEEJAZZ’ Espresso supply and barista training – because he is not satisfied with the local coffee. 

Maybe because of his hobby of smoking pipe and collecting tobacco pipes, it brings him to the idea to make a tobacco pipe by him. In 2008 he started his first workshop and in 2010 he took position as a full time pipe maker. He able to produced 6 to 8 hand-made pipes a month in various shapes. That showing he has a lot of inspiration and idea on the pipe design. He also spend a lot of time to make a new polymer materials that combining with a various type of woods, minerals, etc. and applied into pipe making.  He made his pipe mostly from briar wood and strawberry tree.

He is really learning by doing pipe artisan, but his products are perfect both the shape and functioning. He also makes a pipe using difficult materials to process like bamboo volcano and some others. One of his products, Crazy Bamboo Apple pipes is very unique and beautiful shape, many people admire with that pipe. The process of making pipe is his teacher that giving him more knowledge and experiences. Since then he has his own method on finishing and the result is amazing. 

To carving the pipes he purchased his own equipments and started experimenting with a dozen of polymers, eventually setting on one which uses grass, moss, nuts, and various seeds as the media for polymerization. Finally he able to produce the tobacco pipes as he wants to be.

Crazy Bamboo Apple pipes

This tobacco pipe made in February 2019 and smoked only a handful of times, this pipe is near mint. Adorned with Roman’s unique polymerized dinosaur bon and features his signature stainless steel tenon. The pipe called as Double Flash grade ‘Crazy’ Bamboo Apple. In the pipe shops this is an estate pipe that already sterilized and the condition is absolutely good. 

Description of the pipe:


                  Double Flash Grade Stamp

Length: 4¼ inches

Bowl height: 1½ inches

Chamber depth: 1 3/8 inches

Chamber diameter: 1 3/16 inches

Bowl diameter: 1½ inches

Weight: 37 grams

Stummel materials: Briar, Bamboo, Polymerized Dinosaur Bone

Stem material: Ebonite

Filter: None

Shape: Apple bowl

Finish: Smooth

Country of Origin: Russia

Contact Information:



Skype name: coffeejazznv



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