One of the Indonesian cigarette Factory, PT. HM. SAMPOERNA Tbk, from Surabaya has release a filtered clove cigarette called as 234 MAGNUM MILD, at first that is coming in the flip-top cartoon box contain of 16 cigarettes, and now they also release a box contain 20 cigarettes.  The box in light blue color with silver color of brand, for the 20 cigarettes box that is a yellow stripe in the middle with written “EDISI 20 BATANG” means 20 sticks Edition.

The cigarette wrapped in the white color tobacco paper wrapper with an etiquette of Magnum Mild in blue color letter in the bottom of the filter.  This is a tiny cigarette, when the box opened it is smell of clove.  The cigarette containing 18 mg Tar and 1.0 mg Nicotine.  Take one cigarette from the box and smell it, it is dominant clove aroma, and when it light up and first puffing – puff it with a little force, it is light but not like the white cigarette, the warm of clove taste will be arose inside the mouth, and little bit sweet.  Its burn is slow and consistent, that is a little bit fruity flavor.  After a one-third of smoking it is a little clove spicy coming, but this cigarette did not have a strong aroma as a clove cigarette does.

Two-third phase until finish it takes around seven to eight minutes, the taste and flavor of clove, a little bit cinnamon, and earthy.  The clove taste will be drawn in the tongue, it is really light-bold cigarette.

This 234 MAGNUM MILD actually is the new name of 234 MAGNUM BLUE.  234 MAGNUM BLUE released in 2014, but the selling is not as good enough as an expectation of the company.

234 MAGNUM MILD blended uses a Madura Oriental tobacco leaves that rich of flavors, and give warming sensation. The process is machine-rolled with the blend intended to mellow flavor, nearly no any throat hit as a normally clove cigarettes has. The taste of the secret sauce of Sampoerna even mild is still dominant.

The selling price of this cigarette is really fair, with the rich of flavor and good aroma. This is one of the best choices for the filtered clove cigarettes enthusiasts.

About “234” or Dji Sam Soe, is an older brand of clove cigarette from Indonesia, that is released in 1913 in Surabaya, East Java. The clove cigarette is very popular in Indonesia, the cigarette hand-rolled by a blending a tobacco, clove and special sauce made by the producer. The producer of “234” PT. HM Sampurna Tbk. (Tbk means public limited). In 2005, the biggest share of the company own by the US company, Philip Morris International, a producer of Marlboro and L&M. The other mild filtered clove cigarette produced by PT. HM Sampoerna that very popular is ‘U Mild and  A Mild, both are in the top position of mild clove cigarettes in Indonesia.

Pics Credit: HM Sampoerna

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