HM SAMPOERNA has release Dji Sam Soe (234) MAGNUM FILTER in the dominant black color pack of 12 cigarettes. This cigarette is an alternative for the smoker who has usually smoke an unfiltered Dji Sam Soe clove cigarettes but looking for more soft one. 

This Magnum Filter released in 2005 and then the re-issue released in 2011 with a different packaging.

Magnum Filter is a machined rolled filter clove cigarettes, blended with PT. HM SAMPEORNA Tbk. Standard quality. This is the first full flavor filter clove cigarette produced by the company. The cigarette is not as strong as the unfiltered clove cigarettes; it is light and full flavor, distinctive taste and aroma, packaged in stylish flip-top box. It is not only for a local market but also for the international market, for any smokers who are like a clove cigarettes. 

The cigarette blended of high quality aged tobacco leaves, clove, spice and special sauce. A balanced blend of high quality Java, American Virginia and others tobacco leaves that giving rich of aromatic and distinctive flavor. Mixed with a selected clove that giving a specific aroma with a special sauce blended by an expert, make the cigarettes has a premium quality standard of SAMPOERNA.

Let see more about this cigarette. The black stylish packaging contain of 12 stick of filtered cigarettes bold and all with white color.  The cigarettes contain of 33 mg Tar and 2.3 mg Nicotine. When the box opened, it is arose an aroma of tobacco and clove from the bold and rather thick of filtered cigarette. 

When it light up and the first puff, the taste of tobacco mixed with clove will give a little bit spicy taste but also sweet, lighter than unfiltered clove cigarettes.  The blend will give a little bit fruity taste, earthy and spicy. One-third phase is slow burn and consistent in flavor and taste.

The two-third phase, the flavor become stronger and smooth for puffing, the taste consistent as the one-third phase. The last to finish it takes three or four puff, because the filter and tipping paper longest than other filtered clove cigarettes likes Gudang Garam International or Djarum Super. The cigarettes become warmer than before.

This Magnum Filter is moderate filtered clove cigarettes for clove cigarette lovers.  For international market maybe will be distribute through Philip Morris International networks, as they has a share of PT. HM Sampoerna Tbk.


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