Sampoerna A Filter, is the brand new product from HM SAMPOERNA Group, released July 2019. A premium blends of filtered clove cigarette that has a perfect balance of spices, bold, sweet and rich of aroma. Proudly crafted by the House of Sampoerna, coming with a modern stylish packaged, one pack contain 12 filter clove cigarettes with 33 mg Tar and 2.2 mg Nicotine each cigarette.

Is this Sampoerna A Filter a new version of Sampoerna A Mild?  We don’t think so. This new line coming with new theme “How Bold Can You Go?” maybe for the target market of the young ages. Or, this new line is a successor of the old Sampoerna U Bold that the factory discontinues the products. 

As look at the packaging, a pattern of steel plate with a grid, dark black color with red “A” logo and silver letter, it is showing a masculine pattern. Before tasting the cigarette it is imagine that the taste of this cigarette is strong and bold. In the back side of the packaging box it is mentioning about this cigarette description; premium blended with a balance of spice, sweets, and aroma to develop a sensation of smoking and riches of flavor. Produced with a proud of The House of Sampoerna.

Again, the company carefully designing the packaging to showing the quality of the cigarettes inside that. They are too aware with the reputation of their prima donna “234” Dji Sam Soe clove cigarettes. It means the producers will remain maintaining the quality of products as much as possible. The cigarette wrapped with white color cigarette paper with also white tipping and grey lines and “A” logo’s in the middle. The filter wrapped with a light brown nearly tan color.  The size of the cigarette is a regular size of clove filter cigarette, with a ring gauge around 8.5 mm. The stick is perfectly bold and smooth. 

The cigarette blended uses mix of prime quality aged tobacco leaves, selected best quality clove, and special secret sauce of HM Sampoerna. It is shown when the first cigarette take-out from the box.  It is smell of fresh tobacco and clove, fruity spice from the sauce.  The first puffing after light-up, which is an earthy fruity, spicy and sweet taste and flavor coming into the mouth, but it, is no fell of throat-hit. The sweet and fruity taste will consistence during the first-third phase of smoking, but the spicy taste become slowly arose. The smell of aroma from the blend of tobacco, clove and sauce also fair, not so strong but it is smooth, showing that this cigarette blended by using a premium quality of tobaccos and cloves. This new blend is sweetest than others Sampoerna filter clove cigarettes, it is feel in the tongue. 

In the two-third phase, the cigarette become little bit warm than before and the flavor become more riches with a little bit taste of vanilla and cocoa. The spicy from the cloves and the fruity sweet become more balance.  Finally, after the end of smoking, the taste of sweet remains felt on the lips and tongue. Even the taste of sweet a little bit dominant during and after smoking, it is a perfect blend and the best sauce of the HM Sampoerna tobacco connoisseur effort. 

As a filtered clove cigarette this Sampoerna A Filter (or Black Filter) has a good balance character between the spicy and sweet, a fine cut of tobacco and clove does not make any cracking during the burn and smoking. By the way, this cigarette tend as slow burning, it takes more than ten minutes to smoke one stick (it is also depend on how the way you smoke). 

This filter clove cigarette not only suitable for the Indonesian market, but also suitable for international market, especially for the clove cigarettes lovers.

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