How to Clean Your Vape Tank

Same like any other electronic device you use often, vapeneeds some cleaning to do. You can start cleaning your vape by cleaning your vapetanks since it is often the dirtiest part in vape device.

First, all you have to do is take the coil out and thentake the rest of the tank apart. Do not worry. Taking apart your vape tank iseasy, as long as you remember how the things fit together and memorize what goes where.

Standard Cleaning

For standard cleaning, all you have to use is warm water.Separate the parts in your tank first. Then place each one of them underrunning warm water. Afterward, dry them with paper towel and left them to dry evenmore until no trace of water can be seen.

Propylene Glycol Cleaning

For a deeper cleaning, repeat the previously explained way of cleaning but replace warm water with propylene glycol. It works better compare to water and just as easy to use.

Cleaning Agent

For best result, don’t hesitate to use cleaning agent such as baking soda, dish soap, lemon juice, ethanol, or vinegar. Don’t forget that after you clean it, you need to rinse your tank with water thoroughly and let them dry properly afterward.

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