Beside the Sampoerna u Mild, the producer also produced Sampoerna U Bold filter clove cigarette, rich flavor of high quality tobacco, clove blend and special sauce that offers longer enjoyment of smoking.

Since it launched in 2015, this filter clove cigarette gained good market in Indonesia, and one of best seller within the HM Sampoerna cigarette products. 

Sampoerna U Bold with 32 mg tar and 2.1 mg nicotine is a machine-made clove cigarette full-flavor category, through the geographical expansion of U Bold and the successful launch of Marlboro Filter Black in selected cities across Indonesia.

The process to make this filter clove cigarette is through a standard processing of HM Sampoerna from the selection of the raw materials until the mixing process. Mixing process as the last part of primary cigarette production process, the selected high quality tobacco leaves, dried cut cloves, and the sauce (flavor) are blended together to produce a homogenized cut filler. In this process, HM Sampoerna uses automated equipment to ensure that the ingredients a blended correctly, proportional and consistently homogenized to produce the intended taste and aroma. 

Clove is used in kretek cigarettes for the distinctive aroma and taste that its essential oils provide. The sauce giving the cigarette more flavors made from many spices by the House of Sampoerna tobacco connoisseur. Sauce is a key element to make the flavor and the taste of the cigarette to be bold or mild. Finally, the product will gained a strong brand in the market and become an important asset for the producer.  So far HM Sampoerna has produced the machine-rolled, Low Tar and Low Nicotine (SKM LTLN) U Lines in three variant; U Mild 16, U Mild Cool 16, and U Bold 12.

The shape and size of Sampoerna U Bold similar to Magnum Filter clove cigarette (also produce by HM Sampoerna), the taste and flavor nearly similar, but the price more fair than Magnum Filter. That is why it called as “Filter Clove Cigarette Full Flavor Value For Money”.

The cigarette packed in the cartoon box in dominant dark black color, with red color logo of in capital letter, and U Mild in silver color. Per box consists of 12 stick cigarettes. The stick of cigarette smell fresh and aromatic, when it light-up the first coming taste is a rich of flavor, sweet, spicy and fruity.  The taste of tobacco and sauce is balance, giving a harshness throat hit during puffing.

The first-third of smoking, it give a sensation of spicy, sweet and earthy flavor from the sauce, the nice taste of tobacco and clove blend, slow and consistent burn. It is nice for a value filter clove cigarette. The two-third into finish, the cigarette taste becomes warmer than before.  The taste and flavor also stronger, sweet and spicy taste on the lips and tongue. It able to give a sensation experience of smoking filter clove cigarette with a fair price.

At this moment this cigarette is not so easy to find in the market or kiosks, for sure to buy, it is better shopping at the online shops.

Surgeon General Warning: Cigar Smoking Can Cause Lung Cancer and Heart Disease.

Pics.: HM Sampoerna

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