Djarum Super MLD Black Series Clove Cigarettes

December 2016 Djarum as a producer of so many clove cigarettes has launched the new product of BLACK SERIES mild clove cigarette. This new extension of Djarum Super MLD BLACK promises to bring a quality and premium regular clove cigarette with bolder taste and stronger modern look. Packaging in the carton paper box with dominant gradation black color with the word of MLD in red color, one pack contain 16 clove cigarettes, contains of 2.9 mg Tar and 1.5 mg Nicotine.  

This filtered clove cigarette named Djarum Super MLD Black Series clove cigarettes. Launched to give a choice for smoker who loves mild and bold filtered clove cigarettes. The cigarette not as strong as a normally clove cigarettes has, give a full flavor of the ingredients with a nice blends that given a smooth puffing from the beginning into finish.

As a cigarette manufacturer with a long journey of experience, Djarum has maintained their reputation in the quality of their products. That also applied in this product, to blending this cigarette, it is carefully selection of tobacco leaves and flower buds of cloves to be used, and also the preparation of so many spices for making a secret sauce to be blend into the fine-cut tobaccos and dried cut cloves. The tobaccos and cloves blended together to produce a homogenized cut filler. The cigarettes rolled with modern automatic machines that finally the cigarettes will be proportional and consistently with the standard quality of Djarum. 

It is proofed when the cigarette light-up and produce a smoke, it is a specific aroma of Djarum cigarettes. The ingredient mixing of this cigarette consistently homogenized that the taste and aroma coming when it puffing, it feel when the smoke come into the mouth it is a flavor of spicy clove, earthy and fruity of the tobacco and spices from the sauce. Yes, it is mild and smooth smoking with a little throat hit.

The distinctive aroma and taste of clove cigarette coming from the ingredient of clove that giving its essential oils provided by. That happens due to the processing of the clove during it mixed and blended. It looks like Djarum has effort to give a full flavor with fruity character in this mild clove cigarette. Not so spicy but balance of the clove, tobacco and the sauce, it also giving a little bit sweet on the lips. 

The stick wrapped in white color cigarette paper, as well the filter also in white color; the tipping paper has a line border in red color with a small mark of DJARUM SUPER in shiny silver color.  During one-third of smoking, the taste, flavor and aroma consistent with the fruity and spicy, mild and smooth, it is a slow burn cigarette and nearly no harshness sensation. The blend of selected good quality of fine-cut tobacco leaves – it is blended more than one variety of tobacco leaves – and the buds of clove flower has a good balance.

Two-third until finish the taste little bit earthy and still fruity, but warmer. It is smooth and mild cigarette ever, better than the regular Djarum Mild. This filtered clove cigarette is easy to find in any cigarette shops or kiosks, or even in the online shops. The price also fairs enough to get a quality and new experience of clove cigarette smoking.

Surgeon General Warning: Cigar Smoking Can Cause Lung Cancer and Heart Disease.

Pics: Djarum

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