Sampoerna Avolution Slim Original Or… To Slim…

Sampoerna Avolution Slim Original is one of the company’s leading brand of Machine-made clove cigarette from the Sampoerna A portfolio. It called as the benchmark for new taste sensation, blended from the selected ingredients that deliver the finest satisfying experience for the smokers. 

This cigarette is slim shape of Sampoerna products (in the company called as a “super slim”), packaging in the white-silver color paper box of 20 stick with 14 mg Tar and 1.0 mg Nicotine, there is an “A” logo in the middle of the box in red color. Blending and rolling by the new technology both cut the selected aged tobacco leaves, the preparation of the cloves, and mixing the sauce. As a clove or ‘kretek’ cigarette, the composition of the cigarettes is 70 percent of tobacco leaves and 30 percent of cloves.

To produce a clove cigarette it divided into two stages. First stage is to preparing and mixing the tobacco with clove, the result called as “cut filler”.  Second stage includes the transfer of the cut filler into filtered cigarettes through the packaging of the finished cigarettes. 

The process of tobacco into cut tobacco with additional casing that is ready to blend with other materials (expanded tobacco leaf and clove) in the mixing line used modern technology equipment.  The cloves used to mixing the cigarette carefully selected, clove (harvested from the flower buds of clove trees) is an important ingredient in the clove or “kretek” cigarettes, it is give the distinctive aroma and taste that its essential oils provide. The advanced clove processing to ensure minimal eugenol loss during the process. The House of Sampoerna usually using a clove from Java, Bali, and Sulawesi.

All ingredient mixing, the tobacco, flavor, and dried cut cloves are blended together to produce a homogenized cut filler.  To make sure the blended is correct, the company uses automated equipment, to get proportions and consistently homogenized of all ingredients to produce the intended taste and aroma.  

The most important ingredient after tobacco and clove, is the flavor component that called as sauce or casing. Sampoerna always prioritized the taste authenticity of tobacco leaf and clove. So its products are of a low “sauce” variety, in Indonesia known as “pure” blends.

The slim cigarette is smooth and bold, when take-out from the packaging it is an aroma of clove, tobacco and sauce, nice aroma and when it light-up and puffing, it is taste of sweet, little bit spicy, it is earthy fruity flavors, small throat-hit. Light and soft smoke in the mouth, the burn not slow, it is good balance of tobacco and clove blends.

This cigarette is of the success innovation of the House of Sampoerna, the complexity taste and flavor of Sampoerna Avolution Slim Original is balance as slim cigarettes, thanks to the House of Sampeorna tobacco connoisseur at their “Superlabs” at Sukorejo, Sub districts of Pasuruan Regency, East Java. Coming with a stylish packaging and giving a new experience of smoking with a light-smooth taste and flavor, and the fair enough selling prices.

As a recommendation, here is the Sampoerna portfolio of cigarette families of products:

Sampoerna A, which includes the leading brand, A-Mild, a machine made clove cigarette, with the highest market share in the market;

Dji Sam Soe, which is the traditional hand-rolled clove cigarette that has historically been the company flagship cigarette;

Sampoerna U, which is machine-made, clove cigarettes that includes U-Mild as the Sampoerna’s leading product in the family;

Sampoerna Kretek, which is a local brand of hand-rolled clove cigarettes; and

Marlboro, the world’s best selling international brand and leader in its segment, Sampoerna is a distributors throughout Indonesia, through a long-term distribution agreement with Philip Morris Indonesia.

Surgeon General Warning: Cigar Smoking Can Cause Lung Cancer and Heart Disease.

Pics: Handjaja/Sampoerna

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