Among the filtered clove cigarettes produced by PT. HM. Sampoerna Tbk., that is Sampoerna U Mild that independent clove flavored filter cigarette. The new unique cigarette to give new experience smoking sensation – the perfect blend of low tar and low nicotine mild clove cigarettes, with 15 mg Tar and 1.0 mg Nicotine content.

U Mild is machine-rolled cigarette more affordable version of premium A Mild brand from Sampoerna (PT. Hanjaya Mandala Sampoerna Tbk.). This is machine-rolled cigarette blended uses fine-cut of various tobaccos leaves and fine dried cut flower buds clove, mixed with various blend of spice to get softer taste and flavor sauce. The tobacco and clove mixed together with the Sampoerna House standard composition by using automated equipment to produce homogenized cut filler. With that equipment the company has sure the blend is correct, both the proportion and consistently homogenized of all ingredient and giving intended taste and aroma. 

For having a mild taste of this cigarette, the flavor component is the sauce or casing. This is the ingredient that always prioritized by Sampoerna House to have their authenticity of their products, but milder than the other line of products. The sauce made from various spices by the Sampoerna House tobacco connoisseur that only he or she or them that known the compositions of. This sauce will produce the taste and flavor of fruity, earthy, cocoa or even coffee when the cigarette being smoke. The aim of market is for mid-aged smokers who are looking for soft mild clove cigarettes that also looking for new experience of smoking. 

This U Mild packaged in the paper box with dominant white color, with a in blue gradation letter as a background of U mild brand. One pack consists of 16 stick of filtered clove cigarette that wrapped with white cigarette paper with a U mild letter at the tipping paper of the filter.

The taste of this cigarette after light-up and first puffing is light, smooth, little bit spicy of clove, nice aroma from the sauce and tobacco. It is an earthy fruity, sweet and warm, given a little bit throat-hit. This cigarette is not slow burn, consistent and after the one-third, it warmer. This is a new innovation of The House of Sampoerna group (this U mild produce by a subsidiary of PT. HM Sampoerna – PT. Sampoerna Indonesia Sembilan – that launched on October 2004).  

The new innovation is the low tar and low nicotine, with Lasermild technology process production. The U mild filtered clove cigarette produced not only for a local market but also for international market.  That is why the taste and flavor far mild than other cloves cigarette products. In local market it is easy to buy in many cigarette shops, super market or even in cigarette kiosks. It is also selling in some online shops.

About the producer:

Company: Hanjaya Mandala Sampoerna Tbk., PT.

Owner: Since year 2005, Philip Morris International – subsidiary of Altria, after complete acquisition of 97.95% of Company shares.

Industry: Tobacco.

Pics: HM Sampoerna

Surgeon General Warning: Cigar Smoking Can Cause Lung Cancer and Heart Disease.

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