Which Coffee Mug Is The Best?

With its elegant design and two-insulated walls, this mug is designed to hold the heat from the coffee longer, giving you an unmatched drink. Thisinsulated coffee mug is also the perfect size for most cup holders in cars as you cruise around the great outdoors – or simply, um, the office. The ultra-popular Rambler 20-ounce has a vacuum-insulated, dual-wall design that keeps hot drinks warm and cold drinks cool for hours, never sweating. The stainless steel is perfect for travel or anyone who prefers to drink coffee warm.

The Potter Ceramic Mug retains heat, but does not soak up flavors, nor does it rely on stainless steel (good for people who dislike metal in their morning coffee). The Potter ceramic mug has a silicone cover that will keep your hands protected, with no bulky handles, yet is dishwasher-safe. This mug looks just like the standard cup you use in the house, comes with a lid that reduces the risk of spills when camping, hunting, or backpacking. This travel mug holds 18oz, that is one cup and a half of coffee, so there is no need to cut back on the caffeine if you are going this route.

Many travel mugs carry an 18-ounce or 20-ounce capacity, but unless you drink a lot of coffee, this Contigo 10 ounce mug is probably the better size. The size of your new mug should be determined by your needs, as well as how much coffee or tea you usually consume at one sitting. The best travel coffee mugs can hold the heat from your beverage for hours, and most are even usable… [+] for cold beverages. Whether you are a fan of coffee, tea, or another warm drink, having the right cup that keeps the drink warm is crucial.

The best travel coffee mugs are designed to hold your coffee, tea, water, or any other drink at an ideal temperature for hours – and, actually, most of them are usable for hot or cold beverages, making them much more versatile. Thermal coffee mugs have no heating elements, instead using an insulating material to keep coffee warm, sometimes up to 5 hours. Importantly, that insulation keeps coffee warm (or cool) longer than standard cups — after five hours, it is still deliciously hot. An added benefit is that this mug is safe to microwave should your coffee get a bit cold – which is likely, as it stays warm just a bit longer than the average ceramic mug.

For general insulation, the new Hydro Flask Travel Coffee Mugs (in three sizes) hold your coffee warm for hours, and they feature a simple, twist-to-sip top. The clever mug contains a heating element, which keeps coffee warm for as long as the battery lasts, or as long as you plug it in.

If you are using your own coffee cup, glass or stainless steel is best, Caran says, since they do not soak up the intense flavors or aromatics.

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