Aladino Connecticut Queens from JRE

Following the success of early edition of Aladino, JRE has make a USA debut at the International Premium Cigar and Pipe Retailers (IPCPR) 2019 trade show, last june in Las Vegas, USA, by released the new Aladino Connecticut cigar.

This classic old-fashioned cigar of JRE (Julio R. Eiroa).  This is a “Puro” of Authentic Corojo grown in the Eiroa Tobacco Farm in Honduras, grown from the original Cuban seed of Corojo.

It has a unique flavor characteristic that will be bring back to the Cuba Golden Era of Cigar from 1947-1961.

This new Aladino coming with new looks, different with the early edition that the early edition coming with one band on brown and yellow color, filler, binder and wrapper all authentic Corojo, and the packing with a light color of wood box.

This new Aladino coming with one band on white color, chrome and black layout, with a black capital “A” in the circle.  The size available is traditional (Gordo) 6 1/2 inches long by 50 ring gauge, packaging in the wood box of 20 cigars.

The Aladino Connecticut blended uses Honduran Corojo tobacco filler, Honduran long-leaf binder, and Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade wrapper.

Hand rolled at JRE Tobacco Company Julio Eiroa‘s Las Lomas Factory.  JRE Aladino Connecticut release in four sizes: Queens 5 1/4″ x 46, Robusto 5″ x 50, Churchill 7″ x 52, and Toro 6″ x 50.

All shape shown off at the 2019 IPCPR show, and all packaging in the 20-count wooden boxes.  The different with the early edition boxes is the new coat of white paint.

The interior of the boxes remain the same vintage to the original Aladino cigar, a Cuban inspired artwork.

As mentioned above, the cigar blended by using a Honduran Corojo tobacco leaves – a tobacco leaves as a signature for company founder, Julio R. Eiroa, and their tobacco farm at Jamastran Valley, Honduras.

The Connecticut wrapper leaf is not bright, silky and/or golden likes another cigar as used Connecticut variety, this cigar has a medium-firm bunch with the construction being finished in a beautifully placed triple cap at the head.

These mild-bodied cigars deliver earthiness as well as hints of cedar, licorice, and buttercream with smooth finish. With a straight cut on the top, at the pre-light, this cigar has a nice smell of flavor.


  • Vitolas: Queen Perfecto, Robusto, Toro, and Churchill
  • Shape: Perfecto
  • Strength: Mild
  • Binder: Honduran
  • Filler: Honduran
  • Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut
  • Color: Colorado Claro
  • Blender: Julio R. Eiro
  • Manufacturer: Eiroa Tobacco Farm, Las Lomas Factory
  • Country of Origin: Honduras

About the Company

JRE Tobacco is a family centered company, founded by Julio R. Eiroa and his son Justo M. Eiroa, together they manage all aspects of the cigar growing and manufacturing for customer enjoyment. This is a crop to shop operation as we like to call it.

The commitment is to providing sustained quality and satisfaction on every cigar’s product they made.  This self-imposed standard covers the entire cigar manufacturing process.

Their commitment to quality and consumer satisfaction is never compromised or circumvented. As the premier Corojo grower in the industry, Julio Eiroa, Master Cigar Blender and Tobacco grower, guarantee that all JRE brands will provide you the opportunity to enjoy an Authentic Corojo taste, the same as cigars from the 1960’s.

The brands has release by the company are three lines of cigars; Aladino, Rancho Luna, and Tatascan.  Those cigars bringing the great of Eiroa tradition and its Authentic Corojo as the core of its taste and complexity.

Photo Credits: Photography by Frederick Findley and supplied by JRE Tobacco Company.


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