Alexander Briar Pipes – Hygrocool 3G Model 908B

Maybe for some of pipe smokers Alexander Briar Pipes is not so familiar. Alexander Briar Pipes© pipe manufactured in Greece, for the stummel/bowl of the pipe they used the materials of finest Greece Briar wood.

Alexander Briar Pipes products is very good natural shape. Among their products that is a Hygrocool 3G Model 908 Grade B. The natural shiny wood color bent shape, very elegance design.

Alexander Briar Pipe 908b

Hygrocool system is a filter system that eliminates tongue bite and several liquids oils and tars cannot reach mouth when smoking.

The results are a cool and dry smoke. It is very perfect pipe especially for the beginner of pipe smokers. Hygrocool system on the airflow from the draught hole at the bowl into the mortise at the shank.

Alexander Briar Hygrocool 3g 339 908b

Alexander Briar Pipes Description

  • Brand: Alexander Briar Pipes©
  • Model: Hygrocool 3 G 908
  • Style: Grade B
  • Shape: Bent
  • Length: 150 mm
  • Height:  52 mm
  • Bowl diameter inside: 21 mm
  • Bowl diameter outside: 40 mm
  • Bowl depth: 43 mm
  • Stem/Mouthpiece: Ebonite
  • Filter: 9 mm
  • Finish: Smooth natural
  • Stummel material: Mediterranean Briar wood
  • Weight: 61 grams
  • Country of Origin: Greece

Alexander Briar Pipes History


ALEXANDER BRIAR PIPES (Zavvos Alexandros K.) founded by Alexandros Zavvos from Molos, Thermopylae, near Lamia, Greece.

He is entered the pipe business when he meet Libero G.

Albanese, a producers, artisans of briar-wood pipes in Kalabria, Italy in 1962.

Libero has said to Alex that Greece have the best briar wood in the world for pipe making. Since that moment Alexandros looking for a college or school in order to be taught the art of pipe-making.

Because that is no college or school like that, he tried learning by experience through chance learning from any opportunity, especially he is learning about the British, Danish, and Italian pipes.


Alexander Briar Pipes started produced commercially of his briar wood tobacco pipe products in 1964. He tried to create something new in the pipe production, and in 1967 he started the vertical production (this is from the briar Greece woods to the consumer) that he said that “maybe there is no other factory in the world producing smoking pipes vertically.”

Alexandros always trying hard to improve the pipe products, he do his own research from 1970 until 1984, and finally he found a new system for his tobacco pipes products that is the 1st Generation Hygrostatic System.

And at the same year – 1984 – he and his brother – began producing Ebony Epistomes tobacco pipes at their factory in Lamia.

40 years later, Alexadros successfully produced the 5th Generation Hygrostatic pipe.  He passed away on February 10, 2015.

Alexander Briar Pipes also available in the online shops….


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