Amazing Vape Trick Compilation

There are many things that you can do with vaping. Some people may be seeking for the flavor of the liquid and doesn’t care much about the amount of cloud that the vape produces. But some people seeks the big cloud or the amount of cloud that the vape produces. In vape expo there is a competition that divides into 2 categories:

1. Cloud Chasing 

2. Vape Tricks

The difference between those two categories is that cloud chasing is when you try to produce a huge amount of cloud and go head to head with another contestant. While vape tricks is a showdown to create many different tricks against your opponent. 

This video is a compilation of amazing vape tricks and not just making ordinary O’s but this is considered as a form of art. The clouds become a form of art because it’s so beautiful and satisfying to watch. The type of vaporizer that is common to be used for tricks and huge cloud is mechanical type and usually a sub-ohm one. 

You can start practicing making tricks and always practice!  


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