Are Djarum Black Cigars The Same As The Cigarettes?


Have you ever heard about Djarum Black Cigars? Djarum Black Cigars is a brand of cigarette product that is manufactured by PT. Djarum, one of the biggest cigarette manufacturers in Indonesia.

This black cigars is made from pure tobacco from Indonesia and widely exported to the entire world.

Djarum Costarica

Djarum Black Cigars

Djarum Black Cigars has 32 mg of tar and 1.8 mg of nicotine. This filtered cigars is considered as a medium potency cigarette.

So that for you who cannot afford a premium cigar, this cigarette is suitable for you. Why is it so?

Because this product is actually cigar packed in a cigarillo form. It does not contain cloves just like cigarettes and wrapped in Homogenized Tobacco Leaf or HTL.

So, in overseas, this product is known more as a cigar than a cigarette.

Cigar Vs Cigarettes

Djarum Black Cigars is different from Djarum Black Cigarettes

This also answers most people’s questions about whether Djarum Black Cigars is the same as Djarum Black clove cigarettes.

This black clove product has the purpose of a cross between cigarettes and cigars, anyway.

Clove Cigarettes

  • Type: clove cigarettes
  • Wrapped: black cigarettes paper
  • Packs: 16 cig
  • Content: 25mg tar, 1.6mg nicotine
  • Variants: Original, Mild, Cappucinno, Menthol.
  • more here

  • Type: filtered cigar
  • Wrapped: homogenized tobacco leaf
  • Packs: 12 cig
  • Content: 32mg tar, 1.8mg nicotine
  • Variants: Original, Sapphire, Silver, Ruby, Emerald and Ivory.
  • more here

Black Cigars and clove cigars

It offers an enjoyable and nice taste, and nicotine buzz. So that it feels like you are smoking a cigar in the form of cigarillo.

Even though Djarum Black Cigars is a medium potency cigarette, you should not think that it tastes like Marlboro or Newport.

Clove Vs Cigar

This cigar product is packed with Srintil tobacco; dark leaf tobacco, instead of processed American tobacco.

The HTL process involved in the making of this cigar product delivers the original aroma and taste of tobacco.

This is the reason why Djarum Black Cigars has a great and nice flavor.

Rokok Vs Cerutu

Both the aroma and the flavor of Djarum Black are pretty pleasant. The flavor is indeed super delicious and rich and some people think that the aroma smells like the fresh and pretty autumn or Christmas.

Black Cigars literally has a sweet smell from the cinnamon and strong smell from the cloves and tobacco before you burn it.

Another thing that will make you fall in love with this Djarum Black Cigars is the filters are coated with a special sauce of original spices from Indonesia.

Black Cigars

The spicy sauce is the combination of cloves, cardamom, and also cinnamon. However, the sauce tastes sweet.

Even though the name is Djarum Black Cigars, it is smoked like cigarettes. But the taste is beyond cigarettes.

The design and package of this Djarum Black Filtered Cigars are simple yet sexy. Dominated by a dope black color and blended with fancy colors which are gold, red, and white, making the design and package of this filtered cigar product looks mature, classy, classic, and artistic at the same time.

Djarum Black Cigars

Djarum filtered cigars uses a black paper. And the filter is in dope black as well. The part between the filter and the tobacco is marked by a pretty gold line with an attractive ‘black’ word.

Both the package and the cigarette itself looks very exclusive.

The filter is not really dense and tastes sweet. The color of the filter will turn into golden brown when you smoke this filtered cigars.

The golden brown color matches the gold line which makes this Djarum cigars very classy.

The Cig

What about the taste? The taste of Djarum Cigars is strong and ‘sharp’. Yet, it tastes soft and smooth in your throat.

This clove cigars product does not even cause any throat hit when you smoke it. The original cloves and tobacco are the main role of the typical Djarum’s strong taste that is unforgettable.

For you who have a classy personality, this black cigars can support your style.

However, with the high level of tar and nicotine contained in this filtered cigars, you are not suggested to smoke it too often since it is too dangerous.

Duo Cigar

The Various Types of Djarum Black Cigars

Black cigars come with several various types. They are:

  • Black original,
  • Sapphire,
  • Silver,
  • Ruby,
  • Emerald and
  • Ivory.

The original Black has a great taste and smell that is perfectly blended.

This one is suitable for you who prefer a bold flavor. But if you prefer the smooth one, you can try the Silver type.

Black Cigar
Black Cigars

Silver is smooth and easy to draw. It delivers an exciting and new smoking experience.

The Sapphire type offers a strong flavor of menthol. It is a revolutionary cigar. The Emerald type is pretty similar to the sapphire one.

But the cool and refreshing sensation is not as strong as Sapphire. The Emerald type of Black cigars is a special crafter cigar.

Djarum Black Cigars

For you who want to taste the crips and balanced flavor of tobacco, you are able to try the Ruby.

The crisp and balanced blend of tobacco in this type of cigar creates a literally unique and memorable smoking experience.

And the last is the Ivory. Pretty different from other types, this ivory line is intriguing and complex. It offers a fragrant smell that will be able to excite your smelling sense.

Djarum Black Cigars Smoking
image: @clove_moment (Instagram)

For you who also prioritize aroma when it comes to smoke, the Ivory might be the one for you.

Besides those types of filtered cigars, there are also classic cigars types.

The types are similar with Djarum Black filtered cigars which are black, ruby, emerald, ivory, and silver.

Djarum Black Usa

But there is the gold type in the classic lines. Classic Cigars Gold provides a smooth flavor of premium tobacco.

Moreover, it also offers a sophisticated draw. There are also Grande Cigars types. Just like the name, this Djarum Black Grande Cigars is larger and longer than the regular ones.

So, you will be able to enjoy the great and high-quality smell and taste of Djarum.

Djarum Black Grande Cigars

Just like other Djarum cigars lines, Grande Cigars is also available in black, ruby, emerald, silver, ivory, and special.

Those are the various types of Djarum Cigars that you can enjoy. For further information, you can go to their official website at Djarum Cigars or their corporate website at Djarum.Com

So, which one are you interested to try?

Are Djarum Black Cigars The Same As The Cigarettes?
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Are Djarum Black Cigars The Same As The Cigarettes?
Djarum Black cigars are different from Djarum Black cigarettes. Indonesian version of Djarum Black is clove cigarette and overseas version is clove filtered cigars.
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