Aunt Zelda Cigarette Holder

We’ve curated Aunt Zelda Cigarette Holder  affordable replicas under $20 to an exquisite Cartier cigarette holder ring from the 1920s.

Taken, or completely distracted, Aunt Zelda cigarette holder ring in Netflix’s The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

We searched all over and found and exact match character prop for this witch and perhaps you, too.

Learn more about what we’ve discovered about this token of elegance and independence, and how it shapes Zelda’s character and story as an intentional choice by the costume department.

Aunt Zelda Smoking Ring

Aunt Zelda Cigarette Holder

This is an excellent product! This Aunt Zelda cigarette holder is Elegant, but most importantly- practical!

Keeps your fingers from yellowing or smelling like tar and allows you to hold onto your phone, book, etc. while smoking a cigarette.

Aunt Zelda Cigarettes Holder

The packaging and piece itself was exceptionally well made.

  • Material: High grade Brass with handmade craftsmanship, durable and fashionable.
  • Unique style and design show your high grade and distinctive temperament.
  • Fashion cigarette accessories for smoking, this is the best gift for yourself or your friends. Fits almost all regular cigarettes.
  • S 16mm: US 5.5, 0.6″/16mm in inner ring diameter, 2″/50mm in circumference. Fits cigarette 0.3″/7.5mm in diameter.
  • Note: This cigarette holder ring is different from ordinary ring, you can wear it in front part of the finger. Please refer to the left pictures.

Price: $13.89

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Aunt Zelda Cigarette Holder Ring

You’ll love this thing! It frees up your hands so You can text and do your thing when You have a break.

I didn’t know these existed until I saw The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

Cigarette Holder

Maybe you were worried your cigarette wouldn’t fit in it but it fit perfectly!

If you smoke standard Marlboro sized cigs the only kind that wouldn’t work would be Camel Wide or those Capri or Virginia slims types.

  • This cigarette holder is made of brass (cigarette not included)
  • Note: the regulating bead is used to adjust the cigarette bracket part clamping degree, you don’t need to adjust the regulating bead to the top, holding the cigarette is ok
  • Cigarette holders can prevent beauty from changing the color of their fingers during long periods of smoking. so this is the best idea for friend gift!
  • Size: US 5.5, inner ring diameter:0.63″, inner ring perimeter:1.7″. Adjustable. Suitable for cigarette diameter 0.2″ – 0.3″
  • Package include: 1* cigarette holder

Price: $13.88

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Aunt Zelda Cigarette Holder Video

Aunt Zelda Smoking Ring Pictures

Aunt Zelda Smoking Ring

Aunt Zelda Cigarette Holder 00

Aunt Zelda Cigarette Ring

Cigarette Holder Ring

Cartier Cigarette Holder

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