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  • Vaping Japan

    The Ethics of Smoking in Japan

    Japan has a historically great smoking culture. Back in the 1950s to 1980s, almost half of the Japanese population smoked or consumed tobacco products, with the government even supporting them. […] More

  • Pink Cigarettes

    Pink Elephant, Pink Cigarettes

    Ever feel tired of smoking your current cigarette brand? Smokers used to smoke peacefully, seeing the cigarette package looks so clean with no warning health signage or grotesque images of […] More

  • Best Pod Vaping Header 1280x720

    4 Best Pod Mods in 2019

    Pod mods consist of “pods” both empty or pre-filled with e-juice, and a compact, hand-held battery. The pods fit into a pod bay in the battery. Pods mods usually have […] More

  • Pods Vape Header 1280x720

    Pods Becomes The New Sensation in Vaping World

    Vaping has become a new lifestyle for ex-smokers or active smokers as an alternative to a cigarette. The device basically replicates clouds like cigarette smoke but instead, it’s in a […] More

  • Joaquin Phoenix Smoking9

    Joaquin Phoenix

    Very recent candid photos of the brand new Joker movie actor, Joaquin Phoenix, takes a smoke break on his way for an interview at the Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote […] More

  • Passive Smoking Header 1280x720

    Passive Smoking Is Just A Myth

    The myth says that passive smoking is more dangerous than active smokers describe as spooky and creepy. Various forms of research carried out to prove the hypothesis. Some of them are […] More

  • Smoking Kids Content 1011

    Big Picture: Smoking Kids

    This is a photo collection of Smoking Kids by Frieke Janssens. These controversial photos remind us that between 80.000 and 100.000 children worldwide start smoking every day and there is […] More

  • Nat Sherman Fantasia Header 1280x720

    Nat Sherman Fantasia Colored Cigarettes

    Nat Sherman Fantasia is one of the cigarette brands that specialized in handmade cigars and “luxury cigarettes” class. The company, Nat Sherman Cigarettes began as retail in selling tobacco and […] More

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