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  • Lighting Cigarette 2

    How to Enjoy Your Cigarettes

    The price of cigarettes is getting expensive time to time, smoking ban happens every time and everywhere, smoking itself has a lot of risk, so every cigarette counts. When you […] More

  • Lighting Cigarette

    How to Light a Cigarette

    When you just turn legal and want to try to smoke cigarette but you don’t have any clue how to do it; here is the right place to find out. […] More

  • Quit Smoking Today

    TO QUIT SMOKING [Part 3]

    If you have succeeded in reducing your cigarette consumption as well as changing your smoking habit pattern, you may want consider completely quit smoking. We are now at the third […] More

  • Stop Smoking

    TO QUIT SMOKING [Part 2]

    Slow but sure, that’s how the ideal process of quit smoking should be. Since we cannot stop the nicotine intake from the cigarette we usually consume in a time, if […] More

  • How To Quit Smoking

    TO QUIT SMOKING [Part 1]

    Quit smoking isn’t easy. Especially for heavy smokers, quit smoking can be really stressful since you have acutely been addicted to nicotine. Nicotine causes your brain to crave the simultaneous […] More

  • The Embed Thumbnail

    Cigarette Ash Art

    Cigarette is not only a friend to seek ideas, but also the idea itself. A video uploaded on November 23rd 2014 by Vanda on YouTube shows how the cigarettes ash […] More

  • The Embed Thumbnail

    Literally, His Art is Trash!

    “… I feel like garbage. I feel like no one wants me. I can’t contribute anything. It’s super depressing time. And now, the kind of irony of everything is that… […] More

  • Sanji

    Cigarette Ash Art by Shinrashinge

    Never takes thing for granted! Everything can turn into something valuable when you give meaning to it. In terms of art, giving meaning to something can be done by exploring […] More

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