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  • Duke Nukem Forever

    Duke Nukem and Cigar

    Duke Nukem! Who doesn’t know this game? It’s a First-person shooter game which is about eliminating alien. The alien invasion to earth surely a horrible things if it happens to […] More

  • Djarum Coklat
    in ,

    Djarum Coklat Review

    My adventure in discovering cigarette taste is going further. In this session, I will discuss about Djarum Coklat. Last night, I went out of cigarette. Either stall or grocery was […] More

  • Smoking Celebrities10

    10 Hot “Caught-Smoking” Celebrities

    Celebrities surely are famous person that well-known because of their fame and reputation of what they do in the world. Mostly, they have a great role in the world of […] More

  • Fallout New Vegas

    Fallout: New Vegas Smoking Mod

    Eventhough Fallout: New Vegas is released in 2010, the game is still very popular until now. It’s because of its RPG open-world feature which makes player can freely roam without […] More

  • Jadeite Ashtray And Lighter7

    Best 7 Unique Cigarette Ashtrays

    Ashtray can’t be separated from smoker. It is like a headlamp for miner which is truly essential. Ashtray used to be just a little simple bowl that is made of […] More

  • Mary And Max Smoking

    The Portrayal of Smoker in Mary and Max film

    Mary and Max (2009) is an animated-clay film about a person named Max that has tourette syndrome. It means that Max can’t control some of his movement like an itch. […] More

  • Prank

    It's a Prank, but . . .

    There are a lot of recorded prank that has been uploaded on YouTube. Started from false alarm prank, false terrorist, false beggar, etc. Prank itself is purposed to make a […] More

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