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  • Vape Atomizer

    What is Atomizer in Vape?

    Atomizer can be called the production house of vapour. That is why sometimes atomizer is called vape tank. In atomizer, there is a heating element in form of metal coil […] More

  • Smok Vape Pen 22 Starter Kit 6 Colors

    What is Vape Pen? A Guide for Dummies

    Vape pen is the pioneer of e-cigarette. Compared to cigalikes, vape pens are larger in size and generally have better performance. Yet, despite its larger size, vape pens are still […] More

  • in

    Easy Vape Trick: Liquid Mist

    Vape is not only for leisure activity, it also represents art and beauty. Creating art using vape uses smoke as its paint and your mouth as the brush. Though it […] More

  • 4

    Vape Trick: Tornado Tutorial

    Tornado. The name sounds awesome and scary. You might think that it is a complex trick. However, it is not that tricky. More importantly, after you have mastered this trick, […] More

  • in

    What is E-Cigarette?

    What is e-cigarette? E-cigarette might sounds unfamiliar for the fans of classic cigarette smoker because it is one of the types of modern cigarettes. Unlike other types of modern cigarettes, […] More

  • Closeup Of Woman Smoking Electronic Cigarette Outdoor

    Vapor vs Smoke

    Smoke and vapor are two different things. Smoke is produced when you are lighting up a cigarette whereas if you vaping, vapor will come out instead. Although they look the […] More

  • Smok Infinix Group

    What is Pod Vape? A Guide for Dummies

    At a glance, newbie smokers must have confused Pod Vape with E-cigarette. This happens because Pod Vape looks similar with E-cigarette. However, they are different and Pod Vape is better […] More

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