Based On Your Cigarette, What Type Of Personality Are You?

There are a lot of types of cigarettes. Each type has their own loyal followers. Some say that e-cig is the best, some say nothing beats the sensation of smoking clove cigarettes, the list goes on and on. Have you ever noticed, though, that each cigarette type's loyalists seem to have similar characteristics? It turns out that your cigarette types can determine your personality. Don't believe it? Well, check out the list of personality based on cigarette types and see whether your cigarette fits your personality!


People who smoke vape or e-cigarettes tend to have vibrant, youthful personality. They always follow the latest trends, and always keep updated with celebrities' lifestyle. Although they are more aware of health risk--proven by their choice of smoking vape which contains no tobacco--, they tend to be very picky about their vape flavor. That is why vape has a lot of flavor choices, because vape smokers keep changing their favorite flavor from time to time!


Cigar smokers are people with classy personality and high taste. They are royal and do not want to compromise taste for money. Quality and taste is the utmost priority. For them, the experience of smoking cigar is worth every penny. They also like to be the boss and being in control, just like the portrayal of Al Pacino as mafia boss in The Godfather.

Pipe Cigarette

Pipe smokers are usually people who are into vintage. For them, nothing is better than classic things. They are meticulous, patience, and pay great attention to detail, as implied by the ritual of preparing pipe before they smoke. They are easy to please as well. Smoking pipe accompanied by coffee is the most pleasurable thing in the world for them.

Clove Kretek Cigarettes

This type of smokers are thrill seeker. They don't like to stay in their comfort zone. They prefer adrenaline high activities to challenge themselves like bungee jumping, cliff climbing, or parachuting.

This is indicated by their choice of cigarettes with really strong taste of tobacco compared to other types of cigarettes.


The hookah smokers are pleasure seekers. They put enjoyment over everything. They are also people who don't like to rush into things. This is can be seen from the average one hour duration for hookah smokers to finish their smoking. They are extremely friendly and open to people. Hookah smokers usually bond with their friends when smoking hookah.

Regular Cigarettes

The regular cigarettes smokers tend to be practical people. They like the pleasure of smoking cigarettes, but they also do not want to waste time with long smoking duration. They prefer something easy and simple, like going to local convenience store and buying regular cigarettes.

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