Battery Tips for Your Vape

Not all battery is the same. That being said, never believe that you vape batteries is the same like battery for your tv remote or clock.

Vape batteries are more powerful and require more careful treatment compared to other battery. If you are being careless with your vape battery, do not be dissapointed and complain when your vape battery does not last long.

Vape Battery

Vice versa, expect a better performance and prolonged battery life with proper and careful handling.

#1 Use suitable battery

Not all batteries are suitable for your vape device. Some batteries are for high wattage vaping, some are for low wattage vaping, some are not meant for vaping at all. Consider that when you are choosing battery for your vape device. If you want to pick the right battery, make sure you read the instruction and battery information so that you don't ruin your vape mods.

#2 Don’t forget to use battery case

Battery care does not only apply when battery is in use. You need to give proper treatment even when your battery is not in use. When you are done using your battery, do not just store it anywhere you want or throw it in trash bin. Buy some really cheap battery case to prevent your battery in contact with metal object which would cause explosion

#3 Don’t leave your battery charging unattended

This battery violation so often occurs that people think it is a normal thing to do! No matter what excuse you have, whether you are too tired or too busy, never leave your battery charging unattended. This will damage your battery and shorten its life. In case you are not able to keep an eye on yyour battery while it is charging, put on some timer on your phone so you can leave it and come back to unplug your battery when it is fully charged.


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