BC Mirage 1027 Tobacco Pipe

Great pipe starting with the very first bowl. It has a wide open, cool draw. The bowl stays cool even with only a very light cake.

Visually stunning with nice looking acrylic stem. Even though the stem is acrylic,it is easy on my teeth and super easy to clench.

My specific pipe was a great value and, having owned it now, would gladly have paid more.

I love this dog………

That’s a comment of pipe smokers after have an experienced with BC Mirage 1027 pipe.

Bc Mirage 1027 Pipe

BC Mirage 1027 pipe is a bent bulldog pipe from Butz-Choquin, a famous classic prime quality tobacco pipe producer from France.

BC knowing as an artisan pipe producer that maintaining the quality for customer satisfaction. The shape of the pipe is beautiful and elegance, it shown on the stummel and it’s stem, shiny finishing and the button of the pipe designing as a comfort mouthpiece.

The stummel made used a finest Briar wood, combined with nice shape of acrylic stem, made the pipe looks luxuries.

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BC Mirage 1027 Pipe

  • Brand: Butz-Choquin
  • Model: Mirage
  • Style: 1027
  • Shape: Bent Bulldog
  • Length: 147.13 mm
  • Height: 40.82 mm
  • Weight: 48 grams
  • Bowl depth: 30.36 mm
  • Bowl outside diameter: 43.71mm
  • Bowl inside diameter: 20.94 mm
  • Shank width at seam: 18.40 mm
  • Filter: None
  • Finish: Smooth
  • Stummel Material: Briar wood
  • Stem Material: Acrylic
  • Band: Acrylic
  • Package: Bag
  • Country of Origin: France

Bc Mirage Tobacco Pipe 1027

BC Mirage 1027 Pipe Review

Butz-Choquin tobacco pipes are artisan crafted made from selected finest Mediterranean Briar wood.

The Company has a reputation and position at forefront in their industry since 1858 with international recognition coming after they started exporting the pipes in 1960 and have followed their traditional pipe making process ever since.

The pipe-maker at Butz-Choquin knows exactly how to give the customer satisfaction. It’s recognize on the mechanism of the pipe they produced, specially on the airflow requisite.

From the tobacco chamber, draft hole, airflow from the chamber to the button of the mouthpiece they created to make smoking quality better.

Bc Mirage Pipes 1027

They aware that a good airflow is the critical factor for a pipe to gave a smoke well.  So, the good airflow also will maintain a consistency of the flow of smoke, and the smoker did not need an hard effort when puffing.

For the shape, this BC Mirage 1027 is Bent Bulldog shape classic design with good finishing and nice stem model.

As a curve smoke channel pipe Mirage is not collect many moisture in the base of the shank at the draft hole, because it have good airflow.

Bc Mirage 1027 Pipes

Obviously it is not same comparing with the straight pipe. The pipe design still maintaining a classic France as their originated.

Understand that if you want to buy a new pipe – as well as want to buy an estate pipe – it is will through a challenge process.

Sometimes our mind trapped on the brand and shape of the pipe.  For experienced pipe smokers they already know this after learning by doing the hard way.

To selecting BC Mirage 1027 is one of the good choice and give you a satisfaction.

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