Castello Bent Dublin Pipe

Bent Dublin with Silver (KKKK) from Castello

A classic tobacco pipe Bent Dublin from Castello pipe producer, carved by a craftsman from an aged selected briar wood to showcase the beauty of the briar, smooth finishing and shiny light brown color.

This Castello Bent Dublin Pipe collection series pipe with a product number: 002-208-0089 is in the category of prime quality pipes, it seems to hearken to an older period of Castello style.

The quality of the raw materials of the whole Castello Bent Dublin Pipe; both the Briar wood for the stummel, and the acrylic for the stem, and the absolute accuracy of each process guarantee the best smoked since the first use.

All the Castello pipes are accompanied by a Certificate that attest the authenticity and ensures that each piece is handmade and checked according to the methods establishing by the founder, Carlo Scotti.

Castello Bent Dublin Pipe Description

  • Brands: Castello
  • Model: KKKK
  • Shapes: Bent Dublin
  • Product Number: 002-208-0089
  • Length: 137.43 mm
  • Height: 46.31 mm
  • Bowl inner diameter: 22.35 mm
  • Bowl outer diameter: 36.82 mm
  • Bowl depth: 37.02 mm
  • Bowl/Stummel material: Briar wood
  • Stem material: Acrylic
  • Finish: Smooth
  • Color: Light Brown
  • Mouthpiece: Fishtail
  • Country of Origin: Italy

Castello Bent Dublin Pipe

Castello Bent Dublin Pipe Made in Cantù

Castello tobacco pipes is high quality handmade pipes crafted by Italian artisan pipe-maker for a long times, often called as “The Italian Dunhill”.

Castello tobacco pipe have a whole lot of character and in category of prime quality and expensive tobacco pipe.

Castello pipe brand especially famous for its stunning rustications, not least the unique and cool smoking “Sea Rock” style, but even their polished and sandblasted pipes have their own strong personality.

Castello Pipe

In the commercial market Castello pipe has three logos; The white bar that covers 90 percent of the production; the diamond that was used in the past only – that is used for American market; and the black spot used only on white or grey mouthpieces.

The Castello in English is a Castle, the name given by Carlo Scotti as a founder of the company, that a fantasy name as he aimed to get a reach in the pipe industry.

Who is Castello pipe?  Castello pipe is an old pipe producer from Italy established by Carlo Scotti in 1947 as a little artisan workshop in the area called Cantu (kan’tu), Province of Como at the north of Milan, Italy.

Carlo has an ideal aim to produce a quality pipe that technically and esthetically at the absolute summit of the quality parameter or in Italy said as “Parametro”.

Carlo Scotti

To get a quality of products, he decided to use exclusively the best briar wood, and working with respect for precise parameters of functionalism, aesthetic and good taste.

Finally, nowadays the aim of Castello has been created as a perfect reflection of what Carlo Scotti set out for a long time, and that is what Castello pipes are really all about.

Castello Kkk Pipe

Castello production rate annually is around 3,500 pipes. The pipes made by experienced craftsman hired by Carlo, no wonder if Castello pipes has a beautiful shape, good finishing, perfect in quality, and top-notch in all aspects.

Castello’s always maintaining their reputation by keep watching of the quality of products, even today the company running by Carlo son-in-law, Franco Coppo. They still keep in line with their tradition.

The Pipe also selling in the online shops and special tobacconist ..

Pics: Castello


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