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Bentoel Star Mild Review

Bentoel Star Mild is a mild (light) clove cigarettes kretek produced by Bentoel Group and released at December 1999 to compete in the market with other brands.

Most of the mild (light) clove cigarettes are a low tar and low nicotine (LTLN) category, this is a new trend of filtered clove cigarettes product in Indonesia.

This Bentoel Star Mild produced by Bentoel Group, that nowadays the share of the company is belongs to British American Tobacco (BAT).

Bentoel Star Mild

Bentoel Star Mild established itself as a premium LTLN clove cigarette to trigger inner passion of its smokers of new experience of taste, flavor and aroma.

This Bentoel Starmild is not so strong as a classic clove cigarettes, soft, mild and bold.

The cigarettes given an ultimate satisfaction with distinctive taste and aroma through star blend technology by using the best quality tobacco leaves, clove and special sauce.

Bentoel Starmild contain of 12 mg Tar and 0.9 mg Nicotine, packed in the paper box with dominant white color with a light blue star, per pack contains 16 cigarettes.


New Bentoel Star Mild

Starmild available in the market today is the new version that they change the filter system from what they called as ‘tritek’ filter into one layer filter that it started in year 2015.

With this new filter the cigarette become smooth, mild and the taste of flavor better than before.

When puffing the cigarette, the smoke coming into the mouth is mild and nearly no throat hit. The ingredients blend given a distinctive taste of smoking.

STAR MILD clove cigarettes produce by PT. Suburamana subsidiary of Bentoel Group. The filler blended of 70 percent fine-cut premium tobacco leaves and 30 percent of fine-cut flower bud cloves.

Finally, the filler mixed with a special secret sauce of BENTOEL. The sauce made by a various spices to give a nice flavor of the cigarette.

Mixing process done by automatic machine to get a balance and proportional homogenized ingredients. The last is rolled with white cigarette paper.

When the cigarette light-up and puffing, the taste of spicy and sweet of clove and earthy fruity coming into the mouth and lips.

Bentoel Starmild

During one-third of smoking, it is smooth, slow burn and consistent of the taste and flavor. The aroma of tobacco and clove mixed with the sauce given another sensation of smoking.

Not strong as the ordinary clove cigarette, it is suitable for the smoker that already familiar with a white cigarette.

Starmild Kretek

During two-third period into finish, the cigarette warmer than the first, still smooth and light for puffing. It given more taste of throat hit, the flavor of earthy fruit, spicy and sweet.

This STARMILD is really light clove cigarette, given new experience of smoking for the smoker who is interested to tried smoking clove cigarettes.

Bentoel Starmild has a good balance of tobacco and clove as a homogenized blend during processing.

BENTOEL with long experience in producing clove cigarettes know exactly how to blend its ingredient to give a nice taste and flavor, as well as the aroma.

Bentoel Star Mild easy to find at the tobacco or cigarette shops, kiosks, and online shops. The selling price is fair enough comparing with the taste.

Bentoel Starmild Review
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Bentoel Starmild Review
Bentoel Star Mild is a mild (light) clove cigarettes kretek produced by Bentoel Group and released at December 1999 to compete in the market with ..
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