Bentoel Group is one of the biggest cigarette companies in Indonesia. Bentoel group headquarter office is located in Malang and Jakarta.

On June 17, 2009, this company joined the British American Tobacco or the second-biggest cigarette company in the world with 85 percent of shares in the company.

In early 2010, British American Tobacco Indonesia is officially part of Bentoel. However, in September 2011 BAT also sold 13 percent of their share to UBS London.

Still, this company has its big name in Indonesia along with several products that still circulate in the cigarette market of Indonesia.

Before this company is owned by the British American Tobacco Indonesia, it was run by Rajawali Corpora.

Bentoel Products

History of Bentoel Group

Bentoel was initially a small cigarette home-factory named Strootjes Fabriek Ong Hok Liong. Ong Hok Lion established this small cigarette company in 1931.

Two decades later or in 1954, the cigarette company changed the name into PT Rokok Tjap Bentoel.

Later in late 1960, the company became the first cigarette company in Indonesia that produced kretek filter cigarettes by using machines. Also, this company used plastic to cover the cigarette box.

These innovations became the standard rule in the national industry of tobacco.

After that in 1987, the company became a public company registered in the stock exchange of Jakarta which also made Rajawali Corpora took the management.

Under the management of Rajawali Corpora, this company changed the name into PT Bentoel Internasional Investama Tbk.

However, in June 2009, British American Tobacco acquired Bentoel. However, the company still uses the Bentoel name considering it has had a huge domestic market.

The Products of Bentoel Group

This company has produced and marketed several types of products on the market. Each type of cigarette has its own strongest brand in the industry.

Handmade kretek cigarettes can be touted as the first type of cigarette ever made by Bentoel Group even before the name was changed. The cigarette is a mix of tobacco and cloves while the making process is done by hand.

Several brands that have been marketed include Bintang Buana Raya, Tali Jagat Raya, Sejati, Sejati Gold, Joged, Rawit, and Prinsip.

The next type is called machine-made regular kretek cigarette. This type has the same ingredients as the previous type: cloves and tobacco.

However, the making process is done by using a machine. Several brands marketed under this type include Bintang Buana Filter, Tali Jagad Filter, Bentoel Biru, Bentoel Biru Slim, and Dunhill Filter. Bentoel Biru was well-received by the public back then.

The next type is machine-made mild kretek cigarette. Of course, the main ingredients are tobacco and cloves. The making process is the same as the previous type but the tar level is lower than the regular type.

Several brands produced under this type include Star Mild, neO Mild, unO Mild, One Mild, Club Mild, X Mild, Dunhill Mild, and Lucky Strike Mild. Star Mild was having its moment back then.

Bentoel Group also produced a white cigarette. Under this type, there are Dunhill, Country, Ardath, Lucky Strike, and Pall Mall. According to the company, some of them are exported to the international cigarette market.

Bentoel Biru

Bentoel Biru can be touted as one of the main products from Bentoel Group before the Dunhill family gets into the business.

This brand was the pioneer of machine-made kretek cigarette in Indonesia and it brought this brand to the highest podium in circa 2000.

However, this brand is kind of hard to find nowadays considering the big company is more focused on another brand that targets millennials.

The taste of this cigarette is dominated by fermented taste with maple syrup and honey in it. It also has a hint of lychee in it along with a perfect level of spiciness.

It gives smooth sensation but you may find the harshness from it even though it is still at a proper level. However, millennials do not like the taste of this brand while the tar amount is a bit high too.



The newest brand of Dunhill is Dunhill international Full Flavor. This brand is the first in the class equipped with tasteloc seal and advanced flow filter. This brand is now the flagship of Bentoel for premium price cigarette.

As we have mentioned earlier, it is equipped with advanced flow filter and tasteloc seal. As a competitor for Marlboro,

Dunhill provides things that cannot be provided by Marlboro. It has a rougher tobacco cut. Also, its advanced flow filter will provide a smoother taste for your throat.

Before you burn the cigarette, you will taste rich tobacco from it along with aromatic and salty taste.

However, after you burn it, the rich taste of tobacco is melted well with the natural sweet taste from it. The price you pay is what you get. It also has a high level of spicy but everything tastes so natural unlike its competitors for the same class. Also, you will find a hint of cocoa.

Its advanced filter flow will give you a smoother sensation and less harsh throat hit. The burning time is 5 minutes or so and it has a sweet and nutty aftertaste. Still, you will get your throat dry.

Lucky Strike Mild

Lucky Strike is another international brand after Dunhill was a hit. It gives a different taste compared to Dunhill Mild. The taste is stronger and targeting the middle-class segment on the market. The price is half of Dunhill International Full Flavor.

If you burn it, you will taste a similar sauce taste like Dunhill Filter. It has cocoa, coffee, and another distinctive aroma in it with rich tobacco taste as well. The harshness level is a bit high but the burning duration is considered low for mild cigarettes.

The package is cool and the price is pretty low while the taste is great enough. This brand is for those who love something powerful at a low price.

And it is proven in the Indonesia market as one of the most in-demand brands of Bentoel Group today.


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