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Camel Mild Clove Cigarette Review

CAMEL is a white cigarettes that the first time launched by R.J. Reynold Tobacco in 1913.

This time they are enhanced with the flavor of Indonesian cloves for a refined smoking experience by producing a clove cigarettes.

In the international market, Camel known as machined products white cigarettes produced by Japan Tobacco International (JTI) that they also exist in Indonesia.

Rokok Camel

Story Behind Camel Mild Clove Cigarette

Regarding to the data’s of 2017 from Tobacco Free Kids, Camel in the position number three of the best selling white cigarette after Marlboro and Newport.

The first Camel white cigarette is without filter, but following the market demand, later on they also produce filtered white cigarettes.

The next innovation is by releasing a menthol white filtered cigarette, and finally a filtered clove cigarettes.

Until 2019, JTI has operated and marketed cigarettes in over 120 countries, with the biggest market in East European countries, Asia, and the United States of America.

In the USA Camel cigarettes marketed by R.J. Reynolds.

After over 100 years experienced in creating the finest Camel tobaccos, now enhanced with the flavors of Indonesia cloves for a refined smoking experience.

Even it is still keeping an American style, the taste is different with a classic cigarettes.

camel clove cigarette

Camel Mild Clove Cigarette

It is riches of flavor and a complexity of taste due to the special blend of tobacco leaves, clove and special secret sauce.

Camel Mild Clove Cigarette contains of 14 mg Tar and 1.0 mg Nicotine.

As typical American blend JTI has created this filtered mild clove cigarette to give a satisfaction smoking experience, while it features a well-balanced, smooth-tasting palate.

The stick of this Camel Mild Clove Cigarettes is all white color whites a thin tipping grey line and Camel logo. The smell of the cigarette is not as strong as normally clove cigarette.

For Indonesian smokers whose familiar smoking clove cigarette, this Camel Mild Clove Cigarette is light and smooth.

The taste of clove is not as rich as a usual clove cigarette, the tobacco taste more dominant. That is why the spicy taste nearly nothing, and the dominant of fine-cut tobacco leaves makes this Camel Mild Clove Cigarettes as fast burn.

From the first light-up into finish the taste and flavor of Camel Mild Clove Cigarettes is consistent, fast-burn, no significant throat-hit.

This Camel Mild Clove Cigarette has giving an a sensational of fruity, spicy, earthy, a little bit sweet of the clove cigarette.

In Indonesia, Camel White for Asian market produces by PT. ALAM INDOMEGAH, Pasuruan, East Java.

Camel White and Camel Black officially coming to Indonesian market in 2013, and those are the first Camel Brand that produced and distribute for Indonesian market.

To improve and compete in the cigarette business in Indonesia and Asia, in 2017, JTI has acquisition two subsidiary company of PT. GUDANG GARAM that is PT. Karyadibya Mahardika and the cigarette distributor PT. Surya Mustika Nusantara. 

The two companies well-known as a producer and distributor of clove cigarette with the brand Apache.  Besides that, JTI also launched another variant of Camel that is Camel Mild, launched in 2017.

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Camel Mild Clove Cigarette Review
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Camel Mild Clove Cigarette Review
This Camel Mild Clove Cigarette is light and smooth, the taste of clove is not as rich as a usual clove cigarettes and the tobacco taste more dominant.
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Smoking Room
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