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Camel Yellow Cigarettes


Camel Yellow actually is a replacement for Camel Black that has been around earlier. Both are the clove cigarette variant offered by Camel brand.

There was a strong reason why the black packaging is replaced with the yellow one. The yellow color is chosen for the new packaging of Camel cigarettes because it can strengthen the classic look of the product.

Camel Yellow
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Camel Yellow Cigarettes

When the first time this cigarette brand was sold in the United States of America, Camel Yellow packaging had a yellow color.

Yellow is used as the base color while brown and silver are used as an accent color. Silver is used for enhancing the Camel brand while other detailed elements use brown color.

In the inside of the packaging, there is silver in-frame along with aluminum foil without any embossed details that make it lacks something.

Camel Filter

Nevertheless, people can still find the word Camel and the Camel logo on the foil. After opening the Camel Yellow aluminum foil, people will find the cork of the cigarette in brownish color.

There are 20 sticks of cigarettes. Each comes with about 8.4cm length. There is no surprise that there are brands and logos on the cigarette. It is made in silver food coloring.

Camel Yellow Cigarettes Review

Before lighting the cigarette on, people will not smell the too strong aroma from the Camel Yellow cigarettes. Some people might think that it is not promising enough to clove cigarettes.

However, once the cigarette is lighted, the tobacco flavor is pretty strong. It is not the only flavor that can be enjoyed in Camel Yellow cigarettes.

Camel Yellow Cigarette

People will also enjoy a strong full flavor cigarette since there is a kind of unique toasted sensation from the Burley tobacco.

This cigarette comes with flavor combination within. Camel Yellow cigarette still has its spicy flavor along with a little bit of itchy effect on the throat. There is also a sweet flavor that comes from sorbitol as an inverted sugar.

The good flavor is enhanced with cocoa and vanilla flavor in Camel Yellow cigarette. Besides Burley tobacco that is used for making this cigarette, other tobaccos are also used including Turkish and Virginia tobaccos.

Camel Cigarettes Yellow

The cigarette from the Camel brand usually is made from recon tobacco. However, Camel Yellow uses lesser recon tobacco. That is why the taste of Camel Yellow cigarettes is more natural compared to other variants from the Camel brand.

Smooth experience can be found when smoking this yellow Camel cigarettes. The kick is not too much although the harness taste is a bit too much although it is still tolerable.

It takes about 5-7 minutes to smoke this Camel cigarettes depends on the way people smoke it because it has 13 mg of tar content.

Camel Cigarettes

The throat hit of this Camel cigarette can be reduced because of the laser perforation. A strong nutty flavor from Camel Yellow cigarette can give a different smoking experience that can be considered more refined.

Some people want to enjoy a more refined experience when smoking, after all.

Camel Cigarettes in Indonesia

Camel is a cigarette product that was first marketed by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco in 1913. The majority of its products are cigarette. In Indonesia, Camel cigarette itself has many variants, from the original, taste capsules, to clove cigarettes kretek.

Yellow Camel

Camel is one of the brands of Japan Tobacco International (JTI)  in Indonesia. According to Tobacco Free Kids data for 2017, Camel is the third best-selling brand and controls 8% of the world’s cigarette market share after Marlboro and Newport.

Camel’s main products were originally unfiltered cigarettes, but as time goes by, these types of cigarettes were replaced by filtered cigarettes. They also made a variety of innovations, from making menthol variants, adding fruit-flavored capsules, making clove cigarettes or clove cigarette variants.

Until 2019, Japan Tobacco International has operated and sold products in 130 countries. The biggest markets are Eastern European, Asian and American countries.


Specifically in the United States, Camel marketing is carried out under the R.J. Reynolds company.

Although this brand is indeed marketed on behalf of foreign companies, its production for the Southeast Asian market is carried out domestically.

Until 2019, this Camel Yellow cigarettes was produced at PT Alam Indomegah, located in Pasuruan, Central Java.

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