Caminetto pipe 50th Anniversary (natural)

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Caminetto pipe has launched their new product to celebrate 50 years of their company activity in the prime quality pipe industry.  They made beautiful stunning series of commemorating 50th Anniversary in various type and models.

Hand crafting from the best quality of Briar wood or meerschaum with an interesting characteristic, classic Italian shape with 9k gold plate band.

In the picture here, showing a Natural series of the pipe, but that is another series likes a Sandblasted finish, Natural Red Gold, Black Ebony shape cutty, etc.


  • Country of Origin: Italy
  • Length: 15.5 cm
  • Height: 5 cm
  • Diameter of Chamber: 2 cm
  • Depth of Chamber: 4 cm
  • Stem material: Acryl
  • Filter: No Filter
  • Weight: 33 grams
  • Finishing: Natural finish
  • Quality: AT (Ascorti Tommaso)

The History

Caminetto Pipe begin in 1959 when Guiseppe Ascorti or “Peppino” from Cucciago working at Castello for Carlo Scotti near Cantu.  Castello known as one of glorious Italian pipe-maker.

End of 1968, Guiseppe Ascorti left Castello, and he developed his own business with help of his neighbor a high talented pipe-maker Luigi Radice.  To market their product they got a help from Gianni Davoli, proprietor of a tobacco shop in Milan which through Davoli the pipe market to United States market.

The name of brand “Caminetto” coming when Ascorti, Radice and Davoli gathered around the fireplace after the day’s work, enjoying their pipe, drinking wine and talking this and that.

And then they have an idea to give the name of brand as Caminetto those verbs from “Camino” or in English is firework or chimney.

Caminetto is a smaller version of camino. Since then the three of them knowing as “I tre Camini” or the three chimneys.

Ascorti and Radice wore large mustaches and on their product of pipe there is a mustache logo on the stem, so at that same night they make a slogan for Caminetto pipe “La Pipa del Baffo” or “the pipe with the mustache.”

In the marketing, with a brilliant strategy Davoli success marketing Caminetto pipe, especially to the USA market. Production becomes increase, from 3,000 pipes per year to 7,000 pipes per year.

Year 1974 Gianni Davoli celebrates by Tinderbox catalog as “master pipe maker and designer” and “the sole creator of the Caminetto”, the celebration did not mention a single word of Ascorti or Radice.

In the middle of success, there is arose many problem among the three friends, finally after some disagreement between them, Radice decided left the company, following by Ascorti left the company of his own, followed by their complete crew. “I tre Camini” disbanded in December 1979.

In 1980, with a support of his complete crew and old Caminetto workshop, Guiseppe Ascorti able to re-start his business.  They sold pipes under new name Sergio.  The product are limited 800 to 1,000 pipes, later on Ascorti and his son Roberto setup a new company named ASCORTI.


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