Can Nicotine Help You Lose Fat?

Some people call you… chubby. They like to pinch your cheek and numerous times express your similarity with Pooh bear. You can do nothing but smile awkwardly and trying to get away from the situation ASAP.

It’s not that you are not trying to lose your weight. You have tried. Really. You have avoided those greasy yet mouthwatering fried chicken, skipping your dinner, and erasing ice cream from your grocery list semi-permanently. However. You. Just. Won’t. Lose. Weight.

Well, maybe you should try nicotine.

You might be a bit confused and skeptical at first. But nicotine really helps you lose your fat. It is a weight suppressant in a way. Have you noticed that smokers are usually skinny? Well, at least skinnier than non-smoker. When smokers quit or go cold turkey, their weight usually increase becauase there’s no nicotine.

A study shows evidence that nicotine triggers your body to burn certain kinds of fat through a process called thermogenesis. So, when you are consuming nicotine, in the same time you are burning some of your fat and essentially losing your weight.

Not only smoking, or vaping, gives you a very enjoyable sensation, it also helps you ;ose your weight and look less like Pooh bear.



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