Can Nicotine Make You Smarter?

A lot of musician smokes when they are trying to look for inspiration. John Mayer smokes when he is writing his songs. So does The Beatles.

Does it mean that nicotine make you smarter?

The Beatles Smoking

The answer is, yes. Nicotine makes you smarter. It has been admitted that nicotine is a cognitive enhancer, meaning that it helps your brain to perform better, kinda like what MSG does to food.

Nicotine makes it easier for you to think. That is why the loss of nicotine when smoker tries to stop smoking makes it hard for them to concentrate and think.

Not only it makes you smarter, nicotine also prevents some brain diseases such as dementia and Parkinson’s disease.

Einstein Smoking

Jennifer Rusted, a professor of psychology from University of Sussex said that nicotine is the most reliable cognitive enhancer compared to any other agent such as caffeine or even amphetamine.

Nicotine also improves your brain’s ability to memorize. When you are trying to remind yourself of your partner’s birthday, for example, nicotine helps you to remember and retain that inside your brain.

Although the effect is not that strong, around 15 percent said Jennifer Rusted, it’s not something we can ignore.

Brain is a powerful thing. Improving its ability even just by 15 percent can definitely change alot.

So, next time you have an upcoming deadline that require your extra hard work, you might consider smoking first.


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  1. Hey, great article! I just wanted to comment in a comical way, rather than making fun. But, maybe you need some nicotine when writing! Lol. Your grammar is a bit flawed haha. Again, don’t take offense! Keep up the good work!



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