Captain Black Little Cigars Filters

This Captain Black Little Cigars Filters is light and when light up in smoke flavor and aroma is same as a pipe tobacco. The strength is softer than the Captain Black mini tipped cigar.

Captain Black little cigars filters come in with many different flavors like the Caribbean Sweets, Filters, Madagascar Vanilla, Caribbean Peach Rum, and Sweet Cherry.

Captain Black Little Cigars

Captain Black little cigars filters look like regular cigarettes but taste like cigars. One thing that differs them is that they are aromatic.

Find out what else differs them and what they have in common. It has a mild taste and a mellow smoke which makes them perfect for a brief cigar break.

These filtered little cigars are made using selected top quality filler tobaccos from United States, Philippines and Indonesia.

Captain Black Little Cigars Filters 00

Captain Black Little Cigars Filters History

These machine-made cigar or exactly cigarette wrapped with tobacco sheet that add brownish color and include a filter for a smooth draw.

The size of this little cigar is 3 7/8 inches long by 20 ring gauge, packaging by a soft paper pack of 20 sticks, same as an ordinary filter cigarettes.

Captain Black is a famous cigar brand in America that has consistently deliver quality tobacco products.

First release in 1973 and are still considered amongst the most premium cigar brands in the USA.

According to the Lane Limited, this Captain Black little cigar filters first introduced in 1931.

For over 40 years, Captain Black Little Cigars have been gaining International acclaim across many different parts of the world.

Captain Black Little Cigars Filters

It all began in 1973, when Lane Limited decided it was time for them to create the perfect aromatic pipe tobacco for people to use all over the world.

The main thing they wanted to focus on was enjoyment over everything else.

They wanted to produce product that was unmatched when it came to customer satisfaction, and that is exactly what they able to do.

After two decade, Lane Limited decided to start creating filtered cigars.  By 1990, Captain Black Little Cigars were being smoking in different cities around the USA.

At that time only two varieties available “Filter” or “Sweet” version.  Most the customer liked the ability of the “Sweet” version to enhance the smoking experience by adding a little bit of sweet flavor to the filtered end of the cigars.

It was not long before these little cigars become popular across the Middle East and parts of Asia.Captain Black Little Cigars Filters

Captain Black Little Cigars Filters

Lane Limited this time is affiliated with the Scandinavian Tobacco Group, which is the largest pipe tobacco and cigar manufacturer in the world. Within the group, Captain Black is a leading pipe and cigar brand.

Due to their experienced in the tobacco business, they have carefully handling any tobacco leaves to used for blending a pipe tobacco and cigars.

Lane Limited treats its tobacco as tenderly as precious gems.  It takes more than three years of specialized cultivating, curing, fermenting, conditioning and mulling to reach the peak level of perfection worthy of the brand name.

When the tobacco used to made a cigar (including little and mini cigars), it blended by a special secret sauce of Captain Black, that is to deliver the incredible lightly flavor, a perfect balance in the complexity of the flavors.

As well as the flavor, the cigar also has a several aromas, from the mild and mellow one to a powerful and intense aroma.

The cigarette has a perforation line running around the filters, which improves filtration by allowing inhaling more air.

Once I buy a pack of Captain Black Little Cigar “Classic”, and light up the first stick, these cigarettes are different from normal.

The taste and aroma similar to their pipe tobacco, but more light.

The taste, flavor and burn are consistent until the last one-third of the stick.

I smoke the cigarette not for everyday smoking, only for my special occasions, because the price is not cheap as regular cigarettes.

Lane Limited feature this brand uses of reconstituted homogenized tobacco in the process to reduce inclusion of a natural nicotine additive and carcinogenic resinous compounds.

The fortress is present in them through the use of various other inclusions.

That is why; the strength of this cigarette does not cause an irritation.

The latest creation from Captain Black has been the cigarillo, that launched in 2012, and it comes in three different flavors; original, Cherry, and Vanilla.


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