Castello KKKK Bent Egg Pipe

Castello Trade Mark is the name that always marked the classical red pipes. The color has changed during years, but its origin is from nature, from cochineal.

As an artisan quality hand-made pipes, Castello KKKK Bent Egg Pipe produced base on research to maintain the quality as their aim to create top quality pipes.

Castello is now offered the first choice of their finest batches by Briar gatherers. The production stage being able to work exclusively with the best selected briar wood.

Castello KKKK Bent Egg Pipe


The craftsman in the factory worked with special professional equipment.  That is a fundamental Principe of Castello in making tobacco pipes.

All this is only possible for people who know the pipe and the journey which transforms it from a piece of briar into a finished object: a slow journey, and a patient and creative one, guided by expert hands.

Castello KKKK Bent Egg pipe is designed in bent shape with the bowl like an egg. The acrylic bent stem designed with an accent on top and bottom near the tenon, and curve shank makes the pipe looks very beautiful.

Beside the smooth finished bowl, this KKKK Bent Egg also produced in Sea Rock Briar.  As the Castello pipe brand image, the Sea Rock was the very first finish introduced by Carlo Scotti when he opened the Castello factory in 1947.

The idea struck him after he found himself fascinated by the tidal erosion of the rocks on the shore, and he desired to bring this unique texture to the pipes.

Bent Egg comes touting a great in-hand feel and houses an extra large chamber capable of packing quite a punch. There is some standout graining amongst the brown toned smooth finish, including the shank face, which comes as a mount style.

Castello KKKK Bent Egg Pipe Description

  • Brands: Castello
  • Model: KKKK Bent Egg
  • Shape: Bent Egg
  • Finish: Smooth
  • Color: Light Brown
  • Length: 130 mm
  • Height: 62 mm
  • Bowl inner diameter: 20 mm
  • Bowl outer diameter: 40 mm
  • Bowl depth: 55.372 mm
  • Bowl/Stummel material: Briar wood
  • Stem material: Acrylic (fishtail button)
  • Filter: None
  • Weight: 57 grams
  • Country of Origin: Italy

Castello’s pipe designed with an excellent airflow system.  Unrestricted airflow, of optimal volume from bowl to button, insures the best condition for modulation of the burn.  This, in turn allows an easy pace or regulation of puffing without undue concentration and big effort required of the smoker.

This aspect happens because the pipe has a smoke channel that the “Goldilocks” diameter not too small and not too large, so, it can maintain the consistent of the airflow.

Castillo pipe is also the proud of Italian pipe smoker, the pipe also called as Pipa Castello di Carlo Scotti.  

The pipe not only available in the Pipe shops or Tobacconist, but also you can order by online to the Online Shop……

Pics: CastelloPipe.


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