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    Cocktail Made From Tobacco

    Have you ever tasted produces of tobacco? Cigarette? Cigar? Vape? How about… tobacco cocktail? Apparently, tobacco is able to be made into cocktail. A hotel bartender named Jonathan Condesa in […] More

  • Besuki

    East Java Tobacco

    Indonesia archipelago has so many island, there are five big islands including Sumatera and Java.  The country has so many natural resources, from mining to plantation. Tobacco is one of the […] More

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    Deli Tobacco

    Deli Tobacco History The history of Deli Tobacco starting in the year 1863 when Said Abdullah Bilsagih – Arabic native from Surabaya and a brother in law of Sultan Deli. […] More

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    Molé Tobacco

    Indonesia is known for its cultural riches in tobacco cultivation. Kabupaten Garut is known for its great tobacco production in West Java. Besides Kabupaten Garut, Kabupaten Sumedang is known for […] More

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    Garut Tobacco City

    The residents of West Java must be familiar with ‘Garut’. This city is also known as ‘the city of diamond’ for having Indonesia’s precious wealth, starting from food, culture, traditions, […] More

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    Tobacco Facts

    In this article, we are going to talk about tobacco facts. The facts will cover anything about this plant and the side effects that might be caused by smoking this plant. […] More

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    Tobacco History

    Tobacco has made it after a long journey like what it is stated in the tobacco history. According to history, this plant and products that use this plant has been around since […] More

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