Chacom Atlas Taupe F5 Tobacco Pipe

Most often we talk about the pipe from Italy, this time we try to propose a French tobacco pipe. As we knew there are many famous tobacco pipe brands from French, among others are Butz Choquin, Chacom and Graco.

They are some of the most popular names in the tobacco pipes in French that most of the products made of Briar wood.

The pipe produced in French more colorful comparing from others country.  There are many color and shapes, very artistic and sophisticated look.

Chacom Pipe 01

This time we propose about the Chacom tobacco pipe product. Among the many series of products, we propose the Chacom Atlas Taupe F5 tobacco pipe.

The bend apple stem in white color and artistic finishing color of the bowl.  This Chacom Atlas Taupe F5 color showed that the pipe is from French.

Following the bent apple stem with a capacious chamber held within the relatively narrow, the bowl still curvaceous.

It is finished in the pipe pairing the smooth, marbled black and tan stain to a nickel band and creamy stem into a fishtail mouth piece.

Chacom Pipe 02

The Factory

Chacom originally is a merged of Chapuis-Comoy&Cie. That is a creator, manufacturer and distributor of fine tobacco pipe, located in Saint-Claude, French.

Nowadays remains as the biggest French brand of tobacco pipe that has a capability to mixing the combination of tradition, creation and innovation. Chacom pipe are distributed in more than 35 countries.

The company is a family business, now the Managing Director the company Antoine Grenard is the 6th generationin charge of this family-owned company.

In producing the pipe, each day at least 20 employees (called as ‘team of diehards’) still perpetuate a century-old know-how and give a modern touch to the briar pipe.

The unique finishing color of the bowl pipe and creamy color of the stem, the finishing of Chacom Atlas Taupe pipes go through “Hydro Dripping” to create the unique finish on the bowls, the hydro dripping technique gives this pipe a grey, natural stone look which connects to the contrasting cream, white stem with a nickel band.

Chacom Atlas

Chapuis-Comoy&Cie is also an exclusive distributor in French for another brand of tobacco pipes and accessories likes: Rattray’s pipe & accessories; Italian Brebbia pipes, etc.

Chapuis-Comoy&Cie established since 1825, early 2016 opened a museum and factory shop in Saint-Claude area in the French Jura Mountain.

At this museum you will discover a craftsmanship that has hardly changed in almost two centuries, through fair and precise gestures and skills presented with a film shot in the workshops, as well as through an exhibition and a valuable collection of old pipes and machinery preserved in the company.

A must visit in a place that deftly mixes tradition and modernity and which tells the story of an iconic industry of the Jura.

The Description of the pipe:

  • Brand: Chacom
  • Model: Atlas Taupe
  • Style: F5
  • Shape: Bent Apple
  • Length: 148.59 mm.
  • Height: 44.45 mm.
  • Weight: 56 gr.
  • Bowl Depth: 35.79 mm
  • Bowl Outside Diameter: 45.70 mm.
  • Bowl Inside Diameter: 20.96 mm.
  • Filter: 9 mm
  • Convertible: No
  • Finish: Smooth
  • Bowl Material: Briar wood
  • Stem Material: Acrylic
  • Package: Box
  • Country: France
  • Band: Aluminum
  • Package: Complete with a Chacom pouch and Box

To get this pipe you can buy on the online shop like the Amazon.


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