Charatan Pipe Tobacco (Dunhill Replacements)

For the fans of Dunhill’s pipe tobacco, the British American Tobacco (BAT) decisions to closed Dunhill Pipe Tobacco and Cigar in December 2016, it seems to be sad news.

After several decades many fans likes a habit with Dunhill pipe tobacco, then must move to other brands.

For some fans that are no problem as long they got the same taste and quality, but for some other fans it is still something missing in personal nostalgic.

For the fans of Dunhill’s pipe tobacco that is a good news that they have an alternative of the same blends of Dunhill tobacco produced by the others producer like; Sulfitt’s, Cornell & Diehl, Comoy, Former, Peterson, McGahey the Tobacconist, Charatan, etc.

Charatan is one of the producers that have a long collaboration with Dunhill. Dunhill has a business relationship with Charatan since October 1909, starting with bought a pipe from Charatan for sale in England.

After a long relationship, Charatan not only business for pipe with Dunhill, but also for pipe tobaccos.


Charatan began with a pipe shop opened by a Russian-Jewish immigrant Frederick Charatan in Mansell Street, in the borough of Tower Hamlets, London E1 in 1863.

He began to carve Meerschaum pipes and very popular at that time.  And then he moved to other place in Prescott Street that he open a shop and workshop. At this new place he began making a briar wood pipe with a brand Charatan.

The shop and workshop continuing by his son Reuben Charatan in 1910.  Until 1960 the business wholly owned by the Charatan family.

Dunhill with Charatan also spreading their collaboration, not only for a pipe, but also in the tobacco blends and hand-made cigars.

Dunhill tobacco of London, through the House of Edgeworth introduced a range of Charatan cigars, manufactured exclusively for the United Kingdom cigar smokers. Charatan has a Cigar manufacturing (C.Gars Ltd.) and also a tobacco plantation in Estelí, Nicaragua.

Shortly of the story, after the announcement of BAT to close Dunhill Tobacco of London business, Tor Imports Ltd. Made a successful approach to purchase the Charatan brand from Dunhill Tobacco of London, and allowing them to keep the brand alive.

Tor Imports Ltd. started to launch a Charatan Pipe Tobacco with their Global pipe tobacco manufacturer in 2017, created and test replica blends of Dunhill’s pipe tobacco with the pipe club around Europe and the UK with a view to introducing a brand new range of pipe tobaccos on exhaustion of the current stock of the Dunhill range.

Charatan Dunhill Pipe Tobacco

Dunhill’s pipe tobaccos replica from Charatan, among others  are;

  • Charatan – 1992 – Pipe Tobacco 50g Tin (Dunhill 965 Mixture)
  • Charatan – Black Flake – Pipe Tobacco 50g Tin (Dunhill Dark Flake)
  • Charatan – Eventide – Pipe Tobacco 50g Tin (Dunhill Nightcap)
  • Charatan – Rolls – Pipe Tobacco 50g Tin (Dunhill Deluxe Navy Rolls)
  • Charatan – No 10 Mixture – Pipe Tobacco 50g Tin (Dunhill London Mixture)
  • Charatan – Flake – Pipe Tobacco 50g Tin (Dunhill Flake)
  • Charatan – First Bowl – Pipe Tobacco 50g Tin (Dunhill Early Morning)
  • Charatan – Royal Ensign Mixture – Pipe Tobacco 50g Tin (Dunhill Standard Mixture)
  • Charatan – Royal Escape Mixture – Pipe Tobacco 50g Tin (Dunhill Royal Yacht)
  • Charatan – Victorian Mixture – Pipe Tobacco 50g Tin (Dunhill Elizabethan Mixture)
  • Etc.


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