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The Best Cheap Cigars for Starter Pack

Are you looking of cheap cigars that taste well but not break your pocket too much? Here is the list option of cheap cigars that you can try to smoke without breaking your wallet.

  • Arturo Fuente 858 Maduro
    This is cigars that originally from the Dominican Republic. The cigar is made with a perfectly balanced cigar, the cigars naturally sweet and mild cedar taste with mild and balanced smoke.

    Those characteristics make this cigar is the perfect option for daily smoke whether you want to occasion or relax purpose.

  • Macanudo Ascot
    Macanudo Ascot is one of the most popular cigars. This is cigars that also made from the Dominican Republic with Mexico wrapper and offer a creamy smoke and mild in tiny cigars.

    It is the perfect size of thin cigars for the smoker who does not want to smoke for a long time or do not want large cigars. It has a strong flavor with a mild body and smoothes even burn.

  • La Gloria Cubana Serie R no 6
    It is cigars that originally in Republic Dominican with Madura wrapper and Nicaraguan bind. The cigars come with full-bodied and heavy, although it a little bit oily and dark, it remains with smooth and easy smoke with mild sweet.
  • Romeo Y Julieta 1875 exhibition no 1
    This is the cigar’s blend with Dominican long-fillers. The cigars blend with enriched color binders and Java wrappers.

    The flavor blends are well balanced and mild to keep the smoothness of the cigar smoke. This is a cigar that perfect for longer smokers and the price of the cigars makes it doable to you.

  • Occidental Reserve Robusto Connecticut
    This is the cigars that have a smooth taste and perfect for any time of day. The cigar is made with Dominican long-leaf filler that blend with Connecticut wrapper and binder that makes this cigar as reliable, a little bit of pepper taste, smooth smoke, and finished with sweet mint and cherry.

    It is good cigars for a relaxing time or occasion day. Although the price of the brand is considered as cheap cigars categorize but they not downright the taste of their cigars.

  • Jaime Garcia Reserva Especial
    The Jaime Garcia Reserva especial is a cheap cigar that made with a blend of long-fillers Nicaraguan inside with dark and oily broadleaf wrapper from Maduro.

    The cigars have a taste of medium to full, smooth and sometimes you can layer with the pepper, cedar, wine oak, or espresso.

    Whatever the option of cigars you smoke, the best is the one that meets with your style. You can find the cheap cigars with a true taste of the premium cigars.


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