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Choosing the Right Nicotine Strength for You

If you are new to vape, you should know that there are various nicotine strength you can choose from. Nicotine strength is determined by the amount of nicotine you consume or vapor output.

In this article, we’ll explain to you so you know how to choose the right nicotine strength is suitable for you.


Your preference of nicotine strength depends on you daily habit. If you smoke less than 10 cigarettes in a day, you are categorized into the lower range.

A pack of cigarette a day grants you the middle range, while more than that will get you to the higher range.

Here are the suggestions we make based on your vapour output.

Low vapor output

If you usually smoke less than 10 cigarettes a day, you pprefer low nicotine strength. Thus, you should choose vape mods that lets out subtle clouds, similar with cigarette smoke. Almost all pod systems on the market is categorized into this category.

  • Regular nicotine: 9-18 mg/mL
  • Nicotine salts: 30-60 mg/mL

Medium vapor output

If 10 cigarettes a day is not quit enough fot you, your preference lies in medium nicotine strength. Shoose vape devices that produces clouds, although not very much. Vape device that categorized into medium vapour output can be anything

  • Regular nicotine: 6-9 mg/mL
  • Nicotine salts: 20-30 mg/mL

High vapor production

If you are a smoker who can’t get satisfied with only one pack, you prefer high nicotine strength. You should look for vape devices that creates big clouds. The devices usually comes with powerful sub ohm tanks and rebuildable atomizers

  • Regular nicotine: 1.5-6 mg/mL
  • Nicotine salts: up to 10 mg/mL


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