Churchwarden Pipe For Women

For many women that smoking tobacco pipe, a long stem pipe is one of the popular choice. One of the shape and type is a Churchwarden pipe, a tobacco pipe with a long stem.

Beside the shape is elegant, Churschwarden pipe for women is good also to avoid the smoke directly into the face.

Women Tobacco Pipe

The history of the Churchwarden pipe style is traced to the late 18th or early 19th century. Some of churchwarden pipes can be as long as 16 inches (40 cm).

Germany style is referred to as “Lesepfeife” or “Reading pipe,” presumably because the longer stem allowed an unimpeded view of one’s book, and smoke does not form near form near the reader’s eyes, allowing one to look down.

This long stem pipe type has its origin in the Ottoman Empire.

Women Churchwarden Pipes

Churchwarden Pipe

Generally churchwarden pipes produce a cooler smoke due to the distance smoke must travel from the bowl to the mouthpiece.

Other benefit is keeping the smoker face further away from the heat and smoke produced by combustion in the bowl.

It also more prone to breakage since more pressure is placed on the tenon when the pipe is supported around the mouthpiece.

Churchwarden Pipe

In the past, churchwarden pipes were made of clay and were common in taverns, and somerimes a set of pipes would have been owned by the establishment and used by different clients like other service items – plates, tankards, etc.

Churchwarden pipes become famous after the night watchmen of churches in the time that churches never locked their doors.

The night watchmen of churches are called as Churchwarden. When on duty, these “churchwardens” could not be expected to go all night without a smoke, so they had pipes that were made with exceptionally long stems so the smoke and the pipe wouldn’t be in their line of sight as they kept watch.

Churchwardens experienced a surge in popularity after the release of Lord of the Rings film trilogy in 2001, since many of the characters smoke churchwardens.

Here is some choice of Churchwardens pipe;

Churchwarden women hand-carved long wooden tobacco smoking pipe

This hand-made tobacco pipe for women made use a natural wood by a pipe artisan that he signed his signature in the bowl pipe.

The pipe finished by polishing with refines carnauba wax.  The stem made by ebonite material that is easy to clean the pipe.

Churchwarden Pipe Description

  • Shape: Churchwarden
  • Length: 210 mm
  • Chamber height: 40 mm
  • Chamber outside diameter: 35 mm
  • Chamber inside diameter: 18 mm
  • Filter: 9 mm. (filter/cooler included)
  • Stummel Material: Pear wood
  • Stem/mouthpieces material: Ebonite
  • Ring: Brass

Churchwarden pipe KAF233 White Smoking pipe

This is a hand-made crafted by KAF pipe workshop, sophisticated design with a contrast color of the stummel and the stem.

Very beautiful design pipe produce by the famous producer KAFpipeWorkshop of Ukrainian that knowing with their high quality products since 1996.

Churchwarden Pipe Description

  • Shape: Churchwarden
  • Model: KAF233 White
  • Producer: KAFpipeWorkshop
  • Length: 240 mm
  • Bowl height: 50 mm
  • Bowl outside diameter: 34 mm
  • Bowl inside diameter: 20 mm
  • Chamber depth: 40 mm
  • Bowl/stummel material: eco Pear wood in natural color
  • Stem material: ebonite
  • Weight: 1.44 punces

Pics: churchwarden pipe KAF / Pinterest on the title


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