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Paramount cigar cutter is popular with their cigar gear products that include a sophisticated cigar cutter. There are also a customize products that the customers coming from the high-society class.

The product of cigar gears is made by innovative crafter artists. Sophisticated and beautiful design and shapes, it is same as like jewelry.

For the cigar cutter there are also made by special plate and covered with a 14K gold.

Paramount Cigar Cutter

Off course the price also expensive, match to the culmination of high craft and artistry.

Charles Sauer is a bladesmith that very innovative on his skill. The Texan made his name forging superlative cutlery so fine and ornate that his knives are as much showpieces as hunting tools.

Later he bought his mastery of Damascus steel to be a cigar cutter, creating mini guillotines type of cigar cutter of true heirloom quality.

He makes his own cigar cutter and not bought the end products that later he created with gold plate coated or other ornament.

Sauer start with his own design exploring his high craft and artistry skill, the materials made uses Damascus steel, created by forging layer after layer of steel and working it to bring out exquisite, wavy patterns.

An example, the Mosaic Damascus steel cutter ($37,500). It’s hand-forged unit of abstract patterns contained by two rows of diamond on both side.

The Bamboo cigar cutter ($32,500), also made in the mosaic Damascus method.  Diamonds recur on both sides as well; the motif is a wild bamboo.

The most expensive is the Multi-Bar Damascus cutter ($45,000) integrates rubies, diamond and gold.

Sauer also excels at custom work and can make cutters in many format, style or ring gauge. As for it function to cut a cigar head, the action is smooth and the blade slices through tobacco fast and clean.

So far there are more than a dozen models of exclusives and expensive cigar cutter produced by Sauer.

Magpulse from Screwpop

Screwpop known as a company who’s making keychain-style accessories such like mini-wrenches, utility knives, bottle opener, and even cigar punch that can open a beer bottle.

This time they introducing the Magpulse cigar cutter, with have a unique characteristic that they used the material of neodymium rare-earth magnets.

Neodymium rare-earth magnets were developed in the early 1980s, and this is among the strongest permanent magnets in the world.

This type of magnets is extremely strong and highly resistant to demagnetization, that meaning they have a very long shelf life.

That is why these materials also used for hard drives, in the motors for cordless tools and for jewelry claps.

The works principles of this cigar cutter are seems to be as two magnets of the same pole will repel and push away one another.

The same principle that gives the Magpulse its action; by releasing the trigger, two repelling magnets build into each side spring the blade open, leaving it ready to cut.

Magpulse is light in weight because the materials are solid anodized aluminum, it able to cut cigars up to 60 ring gauge.

Pics:  Cigar Aficionado


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