Cigar History

A Brief Explanation of Cigars History

Knowledge about cigars history will give you an intriguing explanation regarding this popular type of tobacco use.

A cigar is basically dried tobacco leaves that are rolled and wrapped by other tobacco leaves in order to give you a full tobacco smoking experience.

Cigars are becoming more popular all around the world recently because they are exposed to a pop culture where a lot of famous people like Michael Jordan and Arnold Schwarzenegger smoke them.

In order to understand why cigars have become very well-known, we need to take a good look at their history and where they came from. That way, we can truly understand this pop phenomenon. Here is a brief history of cigars.

Origin of Cigars

The exact origin of cigars is not entirely known but historians believe that cigars were first invented by the ancient Mayans.

The ancient Mayans would collect tobacco leaves and wrap them up in a plantain leave in order to smoke it. An ancient Mayan pot discovered in the 10th century strengthen this theory because of how it depicted a Mayan man who was smoking a cigar.

That is why cigars probably date back and originated from the ancient Mayans.

Discovery of Cigars by Westerners

The ancient Mayans who have a habit of smoking cigars then pass that habit down to their successors. After a while, a westerner named Christopher Columbus came to the New World and discovered tobacco.

He was then taught by the local Indians regarding how to smoke tobacco leaves. Columbus and his lieutenants then followed this cigar smoking habit and brought the habit home.

It made cigars popular in countries such as Spain and Portugal. Jean Nicot who is a French ambassador to Portugal made cigar smoking quire popular in France. Nicotine is even named after this man.

After that, cigar manufacturers in Spain started wrapping their dried tobacco leaves with paper rather than with other leaves. Many companies then started to mass produce cigars to be sold to the market. This is what made cigars popular in their early discovery.

A cigar is a popular type of rolled up tobacco leaves that are meant to be smoked. The origin of cigars dates back to the ancient Mayans who first discovered smoking cigars and made it a habit.

After the discovery of cigars by westerners, they become increasingly popular all over the world. In order to truly understand cigars, then you must know cigars history.


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