Cigarette and Feminism

Feminism is a term that we know of commonly. Precisely, it is more to a movement rather than a term itself.

Feminism is a movement to justify the rights of women in social, political, ideology and other area.

Well, I can say that some women in this world are treated badly just because they are born as a woman. Insane indeed, but let’s discuss this matter in more specific area which is cigarette.

Long ago, smokers are only for men. Any women that get caught smoking will be detained by cops. Illogical indeed, but its the fact back then.

Researchers claimed that the action of that matters were caused by social and cultural ideology. Before feminism is a thing, the ideology of degrading women are everywhere across nations.

“Women must not smoke, it’s for men”

“Women must not study, It won’t be used later as a housewife”

“Women must not be a leader, Men are the one who can”

Those are the ideas that spread. Scary indeed.


Because of those ideas, women started to do a movement to fight against all discrimination. Women also want their rights of smoking be justified. In 1920’s, the term “Torches of Freedom” came to United States.

It is a part of feminist movement which encourages women to smoke for their better life. This movement is purposed to make women and men equal and also it’s a part of women emancipation.

During and after 1920’s, ‘Torches of Freedom‘ made people in USA enlightened. The rights of women started be justified even though it was not a whole.

Cigarette companies started to embrace women as their market target beside of men.


(Marlboro, which is stereotyped as ‘Men’s Cigarette’, also embraced women as the part of market target.)

After the ‘Torches of Freedom‘ movement, female smokers are no longer an alien matters in USA. But unfortunately, it doesn’t affect all countries in the world.

In Asia, Women are treated bad if they smoke. I must say that it’s not fair to judge a person badly just because she is smoker.


Torches of Freedom is an example for us that women are also love to smoke like men. Cigarette isn’t limited for men.

God made all things in the universe for all humans, no matter what their sex is. From now on, we must not see women their liking to cigarette but their thoughts and behaviors toward the world.

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I Am Indeed A Humble Person. Maybe Was.

I Am Indeed A Humble Person. Maybe Was.