Cigarette Ash Art by Shinrashinge

Never takes thing for granted! Everything can turn into something valuable when you give meaning to it. In terms of art, giving meaning to something can be done by exploring your creativity and imagination. Since art is limitless, it is not limited to expensive or exclusive objects only, but it also can be found and created from little things.

Meet Shinrashinge, a young artist from Japan who since years ago has gained social media attention for his amazing art works. Shinrashinge creates several kinds of works made from simple things that we can easily find in daily basis, such as bread, cup, fruit, and also cigarette ash. This is interesting! When we think that cigarette ash is the last waste from the smoking activity, Shinrashinge succeeded to turn it into an eye-catching art.

With the ashtray as the medium, Shirashinge make some face illustration of the famous figures and characters from anime by using cigarette ash and dry tobacco leaves. Those works were uploaded by himself through his instragram, @shin.2580. Here are some of cigarette ash art made by Shinrashinge.

Besides those famous figures, Shinrashinge also made an illustration of cat through this cigarette ash medium.

Isn’t it cool? The trivial thing as the cigarette ash becomes so meaningful in the hands creative creator like Shinrashinge. You do not have to be the smoker in the first place to enjoy this, but if you are, you may be interested to create one just like Shinrashinge’s. Don’t hesitate to try it!


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