Cigarette Effects

Facts about Cigarette Effects for Health

Some people are smoking daily and it becomes their habit. There are still pros and cons related to smoking cigarettes. This is due to the cigarette effects on health.

Most people said that smoking is unhealthy whereas the rest said that smoking still has a healthy effect. Some of the cigarette effects are:

  1. Lung Damage
  2. Heart Disease
  3. Immune System Problem
  4. Health Effects
  5. Osteoporosis
  6. Parkinson’s Disease

Unhealthy Effects of Smoking Cigarette

Indeed, most people said that smoking is unhealthy and it triggers a variety of serious and even deadly diseases.

Lung Damage

There is a high risk that smokers will suffer from lung damage. This is because they are breathing nicotine and a variety of dangerous chemicals. Based on the trusted report, smoking is strongly related to lung cancer.

Heart Disease

Smoking also has a strong relationship with heart disease and blood vessels and blood cells damage. The dangerous chemicals and tar increase the risks of plaque in the blood vessels.

As a result, it disturbs blood flow and without proper treatment it causes blockages. In some cases, smokers are suffered from Peripheral Artery Disease or PAD which leads to stroke and heart attack.

Immune System Problem

Day by day, the dangerous chemical in a cigarette can weaken your immune system. When your immune system is weak, virus, bacteria, or fungus easily enter your body. Because of that, you can easily get sick including inflammation in the body.

Health Effects of Smoking Cigarette

Though there are still pros and cons due to the healthy cigarette effects, it is believed that cigarette has some health effects.

Reduce the Risk of Osteoporosis

Based on the recent study, it is known that smokers have less risk of knee-replacement surgery or osteoporosis.

There is still no clear explanation yet about the relationship between smoking and the less risk of osteoporosis. The experts conclude that nicotine helps to prevent cartilage and joint deterioration.

Reduce the Risk of Parkinson’s Disease

There is also a recent study which discusses the relationship between smoking and Parkinson’s Disease. It is said that smoking is able to reduce the risk of Parkinson’s disease.

Just like the first study explained above, the experts don’t get any clear explanation yet about the relationship although some of the smokers are not suffered from Parkison’s disease than the non-smokers.

Whether you want to smoke or not, it’s up to you. One thing for sure, you have to understand the cigarette effects on your health.

It is also better to control your smoking habit so it doesn’t trigger any serious health effects in the future.


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