Cigarettes History

Brief History of Cigarettes

Cigarettes history was so hard to get its root and how it spreads around the world. Ralegh was credited with the tobacco introducing into the British.

However, it spread out in English during in the beginning 1570s and there was a Sailor came from British was seen releasing smoke came from his nose.

But Ralegh indeed helped to make cigarette smoking become very popular in the court and even it was said that it has offered to Queen of Elizabeth.

When the servant saw him smoking, the servant taught that he was burnt and just threw the glass of lave into him without knowing it.

Where did they get the first tobacco?

It came from the colonies during the entered a new era of the world. It came from 1614 when colonist from Virginia named John Rouge delivered four packages of Tobacco to British and started becoming popular as the new plant in British.

How they smoke it at that time?

Firstly, they smoke by using the clay pipe until the around the 19th century. It initially had the small bowl since the tobacco gets cheaper, then the bowl was also getting bigger.

Who the first one that mass-produced cigarette products?

The first massive cigarette productions were started after the Civil War and named George Washington Duke. They used their hands to roll cigarettes and even a professional worker can roll it with a hand around 4 minutes.

Entering to 1881s, named James Bonsack created a machine which can produce around 100.000 cigarettes in a day or more. Then James joined with a son of Duke and only in the first year, the manufacturer can produce around 10 millions of cigarettes – it was a large number.

When did smoking really popular?

So, it was started during the world war. Cigarettes were considered as the most essential part of the soldiers here and Mary Gift  Fund (English Princess) sent around 400,000 tons of cigarettes to the soldiers there.

Did they know that tobacco was so harmful to health?

Nicotine was named after Jean Nicot, he was promoted the medical qualities and around the 1950s, Spanish Doctor named Nicolas Monardes started to use tobaccos as the medicine for the 36 diseases such as worms, toothache and even cancer.

There are different points and perceptions related to cigarettes history, however, people start aware that smoking cause bad effects since during 1950, there were articles told about the health risks. Then the public started to aware of the consequences.


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