Cigars For Beginners

The Buying Guide Cigars For Beginners

Which cigars type that fit to satisfy Cigars For Beginners? If you want to buy cigars, here are complete buying guide to buy the right one.

Cigar Beginner

The Cigars Buying Guide For Beginners

  1. Ensure to purchase your cigars brand from qualified tobacconist.
    Visit the reputable store of local tobacconist as most of them will properly store the cigars and ask advice on what cigars that recommended to you.
  2. Purchase your starter cigars in few amounts.
    This will give you samples from many cigars brand and you can make research on the cigars that fit with your taste.
  3. Light the mild side of cigars to start.
    The over flavor cigars might make your experience sour so start with mild cigar taste and can be a bridge to get more flavors from the cigars.
  4. Do not expense too many.
    Along with you start to try and taste different cigars you may desire to buy the premium cigars that cost a lot. However you are still able to find a good cigar with only 3 dollars and less of it then.
  5. Pair the cigar smoke with the drink.
    There are many smokers tell that the flavor of cigars always best when it pairs with the drink. Scotch and whiskey is the best drink choice you also can pair with some coffees varieties.

Cigar Whisky

The best beginner starter pack cigars

  1. Casa Torano.
    This is cigars type of light to a middle cigar that comes with flavor. Although the cigar is considered as light cigars the cigars come with varies of flavor that will satisfy for the beginner cigar smokers. The cigar’s taste is smooth and rich.
  2. Macanudo cigars series of Hyde Park.
    This is a cigar brand that listed as high-end cigar brands that categorized as best-selling cigars. The cigar originally from Dominican and manufactured by General Cigar Company.The cigar has of fresh herbs, almonds, and cashew in mild tastes that make the beginner pleasant enough to smoke. This is the first option for beginner cigar smoke and perfect starter point to compare with other cigars.
  3. Gispert.
    Gispert is the mild to medium cigar that made in originally from Honduras. It is made with two different filler tobacco, the Honduras filler, and Nicaraguan filler.It is the cigar type that comes in different size with woodsy flavor and earthy with the quite pleasing aroma from the natural tone of the wood.

Which one those match with your taste? The top 3 Cigars For Beginners option beyond can be a good starter to your cigars smoke.

Choosing Cigar for Beginner

Finding the right cigar for you can be a daunting task. This is especially the case when you’re a complete newcomer as cigar smoker.

However, help is at hand! Although we can’t accompany you in your quest, there are other people you can trust.

This more-or-less relates to the above point. When buying cigars, you can confide in a tobacconist or cigar shop keeper.

Most professionals will be delighted to offer assistance and find the best cigar according to both your taste and budget.

However, you can also learn more about the different cigar varieties beforehand, which will give you a solid foundation.

For instance, reading a guide’s to the different cigar shapes and sizes, which are known as vitolas, will give you an idea of what’s available.

Furthermore, learning about cigar anatomy as well as the different wrapper colors will brief you on a what a cigar’s appearance may hint regarding its aromas, and the taste of light, medium and strong.

When the time comes to stepping into the shop, the cigar smoking guide will give you a brief overview of what to look out for in a good cigar.

For selecting a cigar sometimes is not easy for the beginner, because there are so many brand and type of cigars.  The range of prices also vary, from the cheap one to the very expensive one.

Start with the cheap or mid-budget price, but not the cheapest one.

If you really want to taste cigar seriously, buy cigar from the tobacconist, cigar boutique and special cigar shops that have a humidor.

Chose a fresh cigar from the humidor, then you will decide in which price range that you want to buy. Suggesting start with the light taste cigar.  And now, enjoy your cigar slowly and smoothly.


Cigars for Beginner
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Cigars for Beginner
Which cigars type that fit to satisfy Cigars For Beginners? If you want to buy cigars, here are complete buying guide to buy the right one.
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