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Cigars Ingredients

Cigars Ingredients You Should Know

One of the most important things that you should know about cigars is the cigars ingredients. A cigar is a rolled up dried tobacco leaves that are intended to be smoked like a cigarette.

Smoking cigars are becoming quite popular, not only for older men like it used to be but also among younger people. But before you decide to smoke a cigar, you have to know the components that are in the cigar.

That way, you will gain full knowledge regarding cigars and can truly decide what is best for you on your own terms. Well, without further ado, here are the ingredients in cigars that you should know.

Cigar Composition

A cigar can be broken down and divided into three main components. Those components are essentially all made out of tobacco leaves. When the structure gets broken down, a cigar is comprised of the filler, the binder, and eventually the wrapper.

Each of those components has different contributions that will determine the quality of the cigar.

The Filler

The filler is probably the most important component in the cigar that will determine the strength that a cigar will hold. The filler is made up of dried tobacco leaves that are taken from any part of a tobacco plant.

If you take the base part of the tobacco plant for the filler, the cigar will have a light flavor. If you take the center part of the tobacco plant, you will get a mild flavor.

The crown part of the tobacco plant will make your cigars extra rich in texture. The process that these tobacco leaves go through are curing, fermentation, and aging where the fermentation part can take up to two years in order to bring richer flavor.

The Binder

The binder is the part of a cigar that goes around the filler. That way, a bunch of tobacco leaves will be created. The tobacco leaves that are used as the binder need to be removed from their central vein.

That way, there will be two separate halves that you can use to be the binder. The part of the tobacco plant that is best for the binder is the base or low middle part of the plant. The process that these tobacco leaves go through is essentially the same as the process that the filler leaves go through.

The Wrapper

This is probably one of the most important ingredients in a cigar because it is what will be shown to the public. There are many different shades of cigar wrappers.

All of those different shades will eventually contribute to the taste of the cigar as well as the burn. The wrapper is the most superficial layer of the cigar. The top of the cigar head is sealed with vegetable gum to finish off the product.

There are many different types of cigars. Every kind of cigar has its different ingredients. It is important for you to know cigars ingredients in order to gain full knowledge regarding cigars.


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